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10 soccer players who appeared on reality TV shows

Reality TV shows often attract a range of celebrities from different career fields, and sports are a big part of that. Because soccer is such a big sport that has big names that are loved by people all over the world, they are brilliant people to fit into a reality show because they instantly get a lot of attention and support from them. fans watching.

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Over the years, there have been many different reality shows that have brought out the best in these soccer players. Whether it’s doing jungle trials or dancing on the floor of a ballroom, soccer players have made a lot of different reality shows over the years, and they’ve always provided a lot. Entertainment.

ten Glenn Hoddle (The Masked Singer UK)

Glenn Hoddle revealed on The Masked Singer UK

The masked singer is a great show to take people out of their comfort zone and help build the confidence of many people with the mask covering their identity. The show brought many different celebrities that people didn’t know they could sing to the fore, and in the final season of The Masked Singer United Kingdom, legendary football player Glenn Hoddle has joined this list.

The former Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur midfielder managed to reach week four of the show, impressing people with his vocal ability. He was the show’s grandfather, a fun costume from the show that made him a memorable contestant.

9 Wayne Bridge (SAS Celebrity: Who Dares To Win)

Wayne Bridge drenched in ice water on Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins

SAS Celebrity: Who dares to win is one of the toughest reality shows for anyone, as it sees celebrities joining former Special Forces soldiers, who put them to the test with secret SAS selection duties.

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Former England left-back Wayne Bridge was involved in this show and he was very open and honest during his time on the show. The challenges may have pushed him to his limits, but Wayne Bridge was the only celebrity to pass the tests that season.

8 David Seaman (Ice Dance)

David Seaman practicing on Dancing On Ice

Ice dance is another popular reality TV series, and it’s a series that many soccer players have appeared on over the years. However, it was David Seaman who started this trend, being involved in the show’s first season which sees celebrities paired with professional skaters, competing against each other each week with different performances.

Seaman was paired with Pam O’Connor on the show and he did a great job throughout his time. The former Arsenal goalkeeper managed to make it through to week seven, narrowly missing the week-long final.

7 Hope Solo (Dance with the stars)

Hope Solo on Dancing with the Stars

It’s not just UK reality shows that have featured football players over the years, like Dancing with the stars proven. The popular reality show that sees different celebrities hit the dance floor to compete against each other has seen a wide range of people perform over the years.

In season 13, Hope Solo was a part of the show and she was impressive on the dance floor, managing to reach week nine on the show that year, proving soccer players have moves.

6 Lee Sharpe (Celebrity Love Island)

Lee Sharpe and the male cast of Celebrity Love Island (2005)

The former Manchester United player is another who has been involved in reality TV. Lee Sharpe’s journey to this world took place in 2005, when he was part of the cast of Celebrity Love Island, and it was also a memorable part of the show.

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On the show, Sharpe fell in love with Abi Titmuss and he often wound up the show’s hosts, making fun of how they did the job, which often left viewers hysterical as he showed off his comic side.

5 Bruce Grobbelaar (Hell’s Kitchen)

Bruce Grobbelaar on Hell's Kitchen

While Hell’s Kitchen is now known for Gordon Ramsay bringing up some of the best upcoming chefs to the world as they fight for a contract at one of his restaurants, in the past this was a show that would see celebrities go head-to-head.

In 2009, goalie Bruce Grobbelaar appeared on the show. This particular series actually saw Marco Pierre White return as a chef, rather than Gordon, and Bruce was impressed with his cooking skills. However, he eventually quit during the show.

4 Jermaine Jenas (The Great Sport Relief Bake Off)

Jermaine Jenas on The Great Sporting Bake Off

The Great British Pastry Fair is one of the most popular reality shows of the last few years, and the fact that everyone is supporting and helping each other makes it very different from other shows. Of course, this has led to many celebrity specials over the years, which have seen many big names involved.

One of them was Jermaine Jenas, who has been a successful football player for various clubs, such as Tottenham Hotspur and Newcastle United. Fans got a chance to see what his cooking ability looked like on this show, which took him out of his comfort zone.

3 John Barnes (Big Brother Celebrity)

John Barnes on Celebrity Big Brother

Celebrity Big Brother is still a fun reality TV show, bringing different people together in a house with no contact outside. This often leads to arguments when spirits heat up, and in season 21 of the show former Liverpool star John Barnes joined the house.

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He didn’t last too long in the competition, as he was actually the fourth person to be eliminated from the competition. The show allowed football fans to get to know him better on a personal level.

2 David James (Strictly Come Dancing)

David James dancing on Strictly Come Dancing

Every year Come dance strictly usually seeks to bring in an athlete. Whether it’s soccer, American football or cricket, the show has used many different athletes over the years, most notably former professional soccer player David James.

While David James wasn’t one of the biggest contestants on the show, he still gave it a try and clearly had fun learning a new skill. But lifting the sparkling ball was never going to happen to him.

1 Ian Wright (I’m a celebrity … get me out of here!)

Ian Wright on I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here

I’m a celebrity … Get me out of here! is a show that has seen countless soccer players appear over the years, and one of the top contenders was Ian Wright. The legendary Arsenal and England striker is beloved by fans, and this has been shown by his reaching fifth place on the show.

Wright was hilarious with all of the trials, his reactions often being legendary as he had to try and get through the different creatures. However, he was also involved in a few heated arguments, showing a different side to himself that fans would not have known before.

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