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10 women arrested for clashing with liquor store staff in South Delhi

Ten people, all women, were arrested after a clash erupted between a group of women protesting the opening of a liquor store in the Tigri area of ​​South Delhi and staff from the store, police said on Saturday. The incident happened around 8:30 a.m. Thursday before the store opened.

The row began with a protest organized by a group of local women, who were apparently against the liquor store opening in the area, police said. Officials said police had already been brought to the scene, as they had knowledge of the protest, in addition to female staff, who had been deployed by the store owner.

As their protest grew heated, protesters fought with female store staff, also manhandling a male police officer. Chief Constable Ranjeet, the area police officer, was caught up in the scuffle and his uniform was also torn by those in the crowd, the officer said.

The situation in the area has been brought under control and the medical examination of the injured personnel has been carried out at the AIIMS trauma centre, the officer added. According to the police, a file under several headings, including 146 for riot, was filed against the 10 indicted offenders.

“Ten defendants have been arrested in this case. The situation in the area is under control and sufficient personnel have been deployed to avoid further tensions,” said Benita Mary Jaiker, Deputy Commissioner of Police (South).

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