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10 Worst TV Shows That Didn’t Even Last A Season

While it might seem like we’ve got plenty of iconic TV shows that have graced our television screens over the years, the truth is, for everyone, there are twenty or so shows that haven’t couldn’t even spend their time. first season.

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Granted, some of these shows have become cult classics (freaks and geeks often comes to mind in this department), but others were so abysmal they deserved to be cut at the kneecaps before their production companies spent another penny to end their seasons.

Presenter (2007)

After the success of Presenter In 2004, the good folks at Fox set out to create a comedy/reality hybrid show centered around a WWE diva who wanted to be a presenter.

Walk in Presenters, which premiered on Fox in 2007. The network was so excited about this show that its premiere was back-to-back episodes. We thought we would see lauren jones finally achieve his dream, but it all came to naught. This tattered mess of a show was canceled right after its premiere and never heard from again.


Videos After Dark (2019)

The end Bob Saget we will always remember two things: making us laugh like Danny Tanner on Full houseand make us laugh even more as a healthy host of America’s Funniest Home Videos.

While both of these shows were family-friendly, the series creator Vin Di Bona wanted to spin the show to have a more adult-oriented audience. Thereby, Videos after dark was born; and upon its premiere, the series went dark, for good, lasting just two episodes.

Beware of the Dog (2002)

Talking animal-centric shows never did well on television; however, in 2002 Animal Planet, an animal-centric channel, decided to give this cursed subgenre a boost with BEWARE OF DOG.

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The series was meant to allow audiences to see life from a dog’s perspective, with the dog telling the audience about their experiences. Again, this subgenre never did well; and wouldn’t you know it, Beware of the Dog ran for two episodes before Animal Planet unplugged Jack.

South of Sunset (1993)

Television has a long history of turning musicians into stars, and CBS hoped that south of sunset would do the same for the singer/songwriter Glenn Frey of Eagles fame.

Frey played a private detective who investigated crime in Beverly Hills “just south of Sunset Boulevard”. You know, the Hills dumps. Nothing about south of sunset was original, and the series was quite boring, leading to its demise for just seven episodes in its inaugural season.

Cop Rock (1990)

There are plenty of people who will describe Cop Rock as one of the worst police procedurals ever; and if you have the pleasure of watching a few episodes of this sinking, you will also agree.

It’s amazing that this series, which followed Los Angeles police officers as they solved crimes while dancing to the beat (yes, that was the actual plot), ran for eleven episodes; which is a true testament to how many people wanted to give this show a chance.

Inhumans (2017)

Today, it looks like Marvel Studios can’t do anything wrong, churning out hit after hit in its movies and TV shows. Not all studios are perfect, and Marvel produced a stench of a superhero series for ABC in Inhumans.

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Inhumans was supposed to wear the mantle with the far more superior Agents of SHIELD on ABC; however, he dropped the ball hard, and Inhumans didn’t meet the ax of cancellation until eight episodes into its first season and has since been largely forgotten among diehard Marvel fans.

Manimal (1983)

Manimal had all the makings of a classic, cheesy 80s series. The star of the show was a guy who could transform into any animal on the planet to solve a crime. Who wouldn’t love that?

It turned out that not many people liked this premise. Manimal suffered week after week of low ratings before NBC finally decided to end the series just eight episodes into its first season. They took a cool premise and squandered it. Shame, just shame.

The Will (2005)

Writing a will has to be one of the hardest things to do in the world. Why would anyone want to let the world know which family member will get what when you pass?

Alas, that was the premise of Willingness, a show that aired during the wild days of reality TV in the mid-2000s. The show followed ten parents of an Arizona multimillionaire, who put his family through a series of challenges for the grand price of, get this, inheriting his Kansas ranch when he kicks the bucket. The folks at CBS saw the error in this show and kicked its bucket after just six episodes.

Emily’s Reasons Why Not (2006)

In the early to mid-2000s, ABC was network hell, far behind its competitors and unable to deliver any hits the network could hang its hat on.

The leaders of the network at the time prayed to the gods of the network who Why not Emily’s reasons, which premiered in 2006, would be the hit they desperately needed. Instead, this series, which had the bland premise of following a successful career woman who couldn’t find a chance to date Los Angeles, was a symptom of the network’s troubles at the time. There were many “reasons” not to watch this show, and ABC only removed it for six episodes.

Cowboy Bebop (2021)

There was so much hype, so much promise surrounding cowboy bebop when the first season was released on Netflix in 2021.

Then we all watched it, and most of us generally hated it. How could Netflix tarnish such a legendary animated series? Although it went through a season, if it had aired on a regular television network, there would have been no prayer that Cowboy Bebop would have gone through an entire season, hence why it is listed (rightly so) on this list.

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