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7 Great TV Shows That Put the “Thrill” in “Thriller”

Horror shows are dark fun and dramas can be intense, but thrillers combine the two in a beautiful mix that isn’t too dark but still keeps viewers hooked with frequent gasps and a rapid pulse. While there’s no shortage of thrillers (especially in the golden age of streaming content), the few worth watching are apparently hard to come by.

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Yes, every thriller series is worth trying, but true thriller fans will appreciate the breakdown of what the best the genre has to offer.


“Designated Survivor” (Netflix)

An intense series of political thrillers, Designated Survivor, follows Tom Kirkman (Kiefer Sutherland), a lower-level cabinet member who is abruptly thrown into the position of the most powerful person in the land: the President of the United States. After an attack on the Capitol results in the deaths of many cabinet members and congressional representatives, Kirkman is tasked with helping to rebuild the broken country.

As Kirkman struggles in this unwanted new position, he must remain calm and be the leader of the free world. Designated Survivor is a great choice for anyone looking for a politically themed thriller series worth watching.

“Ozark” (Netflix)

ozark is an intense crime thriller that has won critical acclaim and widespread popularity. Marty Byrd (jason batman), a financial adviser, gets bogged down in money laundering. When this theme goes awry and his family’s life hangs in the balance, he chooses to move his family to the Ozarks, where he sets up a larger money laundering scheme to appease the Mexican drug cartel.

This show ended with the fourth season and was nominated for four acting nominations at the 2022 Emmy Awards.

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“The Old Man” (Hulu)

The old man is a new show added to Hulu’s streaming service. The show follows Dan Chase, a man who ran away from the CIA and lived off the grid. When an assassin tries to eliminate him, Dan learns that he must face his past. When Dan Chase continues to evade assassination, the government has hired a specially trained contractor to pursue him as well.

Chase rents a room from Zoe McDonald, and things take a turn when she learns the truth about him. The show is action packed, fun and features Jeff Bridges! This thriller is a watch for sure.

‘The Air Hostess’ (HBOMax)

The stewardess is an HBOMax Original featuring Kaley Cuocofamous for his work on The Big Bang Theory. The show follows flight attendant Cassie Bowen (Cuoco), a reckless alcoholic who drinks on the job and spends her time having sex with strangers (including her passengers). All the fun ends when she wakes up in a hotel room in Bangkok, hungover with no memory of the night before, next to the corpse of one of her passengers. To avoid being incriminated, she never calls the police and must now find out who the killer is.

The show balances comedy and drama well and has two separate seasons, years apart in the show’s universe. The show is a unique but worthwhile thriller.

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“Black Bird” (AppleTV+)

Black bird is another hot new show that everyone seems to be talking about. The show follows a man named Jimmy Keene (Taron Egerton) as he begins his ten-year prison sentence. However, he is offered a deal: if he can get a confession from the alleged killer, Larry Hall (Paul Walter Hauser), then it will be released.

However, this plan becomes more difficult when he realizes that in order to do this he would have to stay in the maximum security area of ​​the prison with the violent inmates. This crime drama is a perfect and trending thriller that everyone should try to watch.

“Separation” (AppleTV+)

Breakup is an Emmy-nominated new series that’s got people talking! In this psychological thriller, Mark (Adam Scott) leads a team of office workers whose memories have been surgically divided between work and personal life. When a mysterious colleague appears, they set the workers on a journey to uncover the truth about their situation.

Breakup definitely worth watching and said to be one of the best TV series around. Hop on the Breakup train while you can!

“You” (Netflix)

You is one of Netflix’s most successful shows, gathering leagues of followers and being able to produce three seasons. The show is a psychological thriller dealing with difficult situations like bullying. A book seller (Penn Badgley) meets an aspiring writer, and a cute crush becomes a debilitating obsession.

He uses social media to get close to her and goes so far as to delete anything (and anyone) that stands in his way. This show is a dark thriller, but a very good watch.

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