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8 sets of television shows nominated for the 2017 Emmy Awards

In case you didn’t guess, Queen Elizabeth II isn’t opening its doors to Oscar-winning decorator Martin Childs for The crown. Instead, he uses Lancaster House, a mansion in London’s West End, in place of the royal residence. “As a designer you welcome the possibility of using a piece that doesn’t scream but tells the audience, without needing a caption, ‘Buckingham Palace’,” he explains. Learn more about the set here.

The Handmaid’s Tale (Hulu)

Nominated for: 13 Emmys

Offred’s room to The Handmaid’s Tale

Without surprise, The Handmaid’s Tale is full of hidden political messages. A good example: Decorator Julie Berghoff added the outline and remaining elements of a now-retired mirror in the bedroom of Elisabeth Moss’ character, Offred. “They don’t want you to be conceited anymore, so we basically put the shape of a mirror on the wall to make it look like at one point there was a mirror there,” says Berghoff. Moss, nominated for an Emmy in her role, says she noticed something else missing in the room: “The most distinctive thing about Offred’s bedroom is that there is no locks on the doors and there’s nothing in there that you could hurt yourself with, so that’s a political message when it comes to women rights, ”Moss says. Read more about the set here .

Master of None (Netflix)

Nominated for: 8 Emmys

The setting for the second season of Master of None

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