Television set

A transformable and multifunctional television with a retractable screen doubles as a bookcase!

Giro is a multifunctional TV with a retractable display screen that folds up to turn the TV into a simple shelf.

Living rooms are more like multipurpose rooms. We use our lounges for everything from TV to practice, dinner to homework. In a traditional living room setup, sometimes it’s not the space, but the single-use devices in the space that limit the living room’s full potential. South Korean designer Park Yoo Jung has developed Giro, a television that transforms its facade according to changing user needs.

To facilitate all that our living rooms have to offer, Giro transforms from a conventional smart TV into a simple library with the click of a button. Recognized by the Red Dot Design Awards in its Best of the Best category, Giro is the multifunctional living room device that creates customizable spaces as your needs change.

For the occasional workout in the living room between lunchtime and the night shift, Giro retains its original form of a smart TV so users can stream exercise classes to follow. Of course, Giro works like an everyday TV when needed, showing selected movies and TV shows from a scheduled catalog.

When users want to turn their Giro TVs into a screenless bookcase, the rotating projector sneaks behind the main platform to stay out of sight evenings spent reading in the easy chair or under floor-to-ceiling windows. With the projector screen retracted, users will find a minimal but sturdy bookcase where they can display artwork and books.

Designer: Park Yoo Jung

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