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All California bagel store staff resign after manager fired – WHIO TV 7 and WHIO Radio

VACAVILLE, Calif. — Workers at a California bagel shop quit their jobs in protest after a beloved manager was fired, and a social media video documenting the walkout has gone viral.

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A 10-second TikTok video garnered millions of views as 16 workers walked off work at Noah’s New York Bagels in Vacaville, KCRA-TV reported.

The video was recorded by Beonce Sarmiento, showing staff members resigning on Saturday, the broadcaster reported.

“When the whole team pulls out on the same day to quit,” the video says.

“We all walked in at once, dropped off our keys, wrote a note saying we were quitting,” former employee William Cox-Booth told KOVR-TV. “For us, it’s when they said they could replace us. When you demean someone to the point that they don’t want to work for you anymore, why would I want to spend eight hours of my day for a company that don’t like me and what do I bring to this company?”

“We are not replaceable,” Sarmiento told KCRA. “We’re not disposable and you can’t just fire someone without letting them know.”

The workers were protesting the dismissal of manager Bre Kowalski, the television station reported. Kowalski said she received a call from her district manager placing her on suspension. When she got home, she said she saw her last paycheck credited to her bank account, according to KCRA.

Kowalski said she was suspended due to a complaint and then fired without proper notification, The Sacramento Bee reported. Kowalski told KCRA there were no customer complaints.

“I just wanted to know why I was fired because no one said I was fired,” Kowalski told the TV station. “They said I was suspended. They had already fired me without telling me why I had been fired.

“We take the treatment of our team members very seriously and are reviewing this matter,” Noah’s Bagels said in a statement to KCRA. “As an organization, we pride ourselves on providing a rewarding work experience for all of our team members as we seek to provide the best possible experience for our customers.”

Kowalski called the actions of his former employees and the reaction to the video “unreal”. She added that she never asked the rest of the staff to quit in protest, according to The Bee.

“I love you all so much. It was totally unplanned,” Kowalski told KOVR. “But I’m so grateful for everyone’s support and for having my back and for having each other’s back as well.”

Positions for bakers, team members and team leaders are open on the Noah’s Bagels website, according to The Bee.