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Atlanta-Based Music Tech Company Simplifies the Licensing Process

Jared Heinz is the co-founder and CEO of Music Tech Works, a parent company that creates user-friendly technology that can help simplify the idea of ​​music licensing. Along with co-founder and CTO Bryson Nobles, Heinz created in 2019.

The couple met while Heinz was at New York University getting his MBA. At this time, Heinz was managing artists who were seeking a recording and publishing deal with a songwriter Nobles was working with.

“It was a challenge to put all the documents together to go back through the years and find out who owns what,” Heinz said. ”[Nobles’] SongSplits company [featured] technology that actually helped with that. So we met at a trade show, started talking, and I ended up using his app to gather all the data I needed to close the deals. We stayed in touch.

Over time, Heinz expressed interest in Nobles’ company and later became involved with SongSplits. From there, the two have continued to work together in the music tech industry for the past decade. is the premier product of Music Tech Works, and is a copyright search platform with a database of over 60 million songs that gives clear information about publishing ownership and of the master record.

The co-founders initially created the platform to serve music supervisors, people who needed to know who owned songs in order to license them for TV shows, commercials, and more. For their proof of concept, they started with a catalog of 10 million songs.

“Over the years, dealing with [and] meeting different publishers, foreign rights organizations and music labels… we ended up building our database somewhere north of 175 million unique songs, and with that amount of data we can see different patterns and attract companies that interest us to see,” Heinz said. “We can help them understand who owns the songs on their platforms.” is very research-oriented, with the main goal of making ownership data easily accessible. One can search for songs individually or even in groups.

“I think there’s some excitement around the time savings people can get from using our product,” Heinz said. “So on the search side, you don’t have to go to four or five different performing rights organizations or other websites to try and piece together ownership. All you have to do is come to our site, find this information, and then quickly move on to your next task. »

The ongoing pandemic has affected many businesses, especially those owned by people of color. Fortunately, COVID-19 has not hindered the growth of In 2020, Nobles and Heinz were raising capital from investors in Atlanta around the same time there was a surge in demand on streaming platforms.

Going forward, Heinz looks forward to continuing to develop and building new apps under Music Tech Works.

“Our vision for the future is that we just keep developing more apps to help more people or businesses understand who owns those rights and make the different licenses [that] accelerate that deal flow,” Heinz said.