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Australia pledges $28 billion to expand defense staff

It’s been more than two weeks of war in Ukraine. Chemical, biological and nuclear weapons are the latest hot topics. But different parties are sending conflicting stories.

Ukraine braces for the worst as a Ukrainian diplomat urges the Chinese Communist Party to understand that war won’t just damage his country.

Countries in the Indo-Pacific region are responding to growing defense concerns. New actions come as the threats to the region become clearer.

Back in the United States, activist investors confront the Walt Disney Company over its relationship with Beijing.

Popular fast-food chains could soon see a setback for their stores in China, all because of a long-running dispute between Beijing and US regulators.

Amazon could be linked to forced labor in China. The company is just one of the tech giants facing questions.

Did a Chinese fighter plane crash in the South China Sea? Taiwan says yes, but Beijing remains silent.

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