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Bapuji asks Kavya to join Vanraj’s company

Anupama The February 19, 2022 episode begins with Anu holding Anuj’s hand and leading him downstairs. Anuj then says they could have spent the night on the terrace to which Anu says they would have froze and even the neighbors would have known about them. She then asks him to go home but he stops her. He then remembers how he waited for this moment for 26 years and urges her to wait just 26 more seconds. On the other hand, Kinjal picks on Toshu for leaving her alone on Valentine’s Day to which he rudely responds and asks her to calm down. Toshu then tells him that he was busy with work while Kinjal complains about being alone in his life.

Anupama February 19, 2022 Written update

Kinjal further complains to Toshu and tells him that he is turning into another Vanraj while Toshu yells at him and leaves. Kinjal then lies down crying and thinks she wanted to talk to him about something really important. The next morning, Anuj constantly knocks on Anu’s door and leaves the latter worried. As she opens the door, Anuj asks her if the Valentine’s Day celebration on the terrace actually happened last night or if he was just dreaming. Anu then laughs at him. On the other hand, at Shah’s home, Kavya treats Vanraj with love while Samar and Kinjal wish Anu was home. Pakhi looks at his phone and hopes the other person will stop ignoring him.

Anu visits the Shah’s house with a candy box

Bapuji then asks Kavya if it is necessary to work in Vanraj’s company to which Vanraj says they could use Kavya’s help. Vanraj then tells her that he is no longer her father as he always considered Anu as his daughter. Meanwhile, Anuj reminds Anu that she has to shoot a video for their dance academy with Samar. As Bapuji and Vanraj argue, Anu enters the house with a candy box. Vanraj then taunts her if the sweets are from her and Anuj’s life relationship to which Samar reveals that she is reviving her dance academy. Vanraj further insults her saying that she will now live with Anuj to which she informs him that he lives in a separate house. She even gives him an appropriate answer when he questions her character. Baa then comes to Vanraj’s support and questions him.

Anupama next episode spoiler

Baa advises Anu to marry Anuj so society won’t have any problem with their relationship. Anu then tells her that he and Anuj will decide whether to get married or not.

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