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Cadbury Dairy Milk launches initiative for MCA ground staff

Mumbai: As the country prepares for the long-awaited cricket season, chocolate brand Cadbury Dairy Milk has teamed up with the Mumbai Cricket Association (MCA) to celebrate and support the league’s often unnoticed heroes, staff at ground.

This season, the brand has become the Official Ground Crew Sponsor and as part of this initiative, it has put in place efforts focused on treating ground crew on equal terms with cricketers. “This includes top travel, accommodation, taking care of their nutritional needs and providing custom jerseys designed by renowned fashion designer Masaba Gupta, throughout the season,” the statement said.

The brand has also extended its collaboration with the Indians of Mumbai as an official “wellness partner” supporting the initiative.

Speaking about the initiative, Mondelez India Vice President of Marketing, Anil Viswanathan, said he wanted to support and tell the stories of these hardworking members behind the scenes. “We hope that our initiative will serve as a springboard and spread the message of recognition for the unrecognized,” he added.

“Building on our platform of generosity, this cricketing season we are proud to celebrate the ground crew team. We are grateful to have them on our team,” said Sukesh Nayak, Chief Creative Officer of Ogilvy India.

“The ground crew are the unsung heroes of cricket so it was right that we now recognize the heroes behind this massive event,” commented Jigar Rambhia, Country Director of Wavemaker India – Sports and Entertainment Partnerships. “The biggest challenge for us, however, was making sure they got their due, while cricket and the players continue to be at the center of this event.”

“To do this, we decided to recognize their efforts, where they sweat the most, their lands. From recognizing them off screen to recognizing them on screen, we aim to give the people of India a glimpse into the life of the personal earth, so the next time they watch cricket they celebrate, both: the heroes on screen and off screen,” he added.

“Recognizing the real heroes behind the scenes is a very generous gesture. The Mumbai Cricket Association is delighted to be a part of this never-before-seen heartwarming activity for the ground staff at Wankhede Stadium,” the MCA spokesperson emphasized.