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COLUMN: TV Shows To Watch This Fall

Fall signals are changing, and many TV shows are capitalizing on the aesthetic appeal of the season.

An abundance of warm tones, pumpkin candy, and Halloween festivities characterize the fall season as one of the most enchanting times of the year.

In an effort to embrace the spirit of fall, here are three TV shows to watch this season:

“The Gilmore Girls”

A fiercely independent single mom is raising her teenage daughter in the storytelling town of Stars Hollow, Connecticut, where an eclectic mix of characters and a series of complicated relationships provide many ups and downs.

Lorelai Gilmore gave birth to her gifted daughter Rory at the age of 16. After leaving home to lead a less privileged life, she moved to Stars Hollow and works at a hostel to fuel her caffeine addiction and her daughter’s studies.

The show progresses throughout the year, typically starting a new season in the fall. The city is often covered in orange leaves and fairy lights as pumpkins sit around the central gazebo in preparation for the fall festival.

Hot lattes and an excessive amount of scarves perfectly reflect the warm autumn atmosphere. With such a realistic portrayal of young adult life, it’s easy to find a home in each character’s journey.

“Stranger things”

The disappearance of a young boy tears the fabric of an Indiana town when a government lab is discovered housing a portal to another world filled with spooky monsters.

Set in the 1980s, “Stranger Things” mixes nostalgia and mystery in the lives of four misfits as they battle supernatural forces to save their friend. The series is reminiscent of growing up as a kid in the Midwest in the ’80s, when kids could explore the city on bikes or make treats unsupervised.

Aspects of fall are dotted with many figures dressed in chunky sweaters and a signal field of poisonous pumpkins.

With a stranded sheriff, barely ripe older siblings, and a determined mother, “Stranger Things” evokes a sense of familiarity in anyone in a small town.

“American Horror Story”

The “American Horror Story” supernatural anthology series is defined by its frightening and dramatic tales focused on stories of terror and psychological turmoil.

Each season has a new storyline that takes place in a different city to fictionalize the twisted experiences of murder and paranormal activity for everyday Americans. The whole series is appropriate for Halloween, but some seasons are more in line with the fall aesthetic than others.

The first season follows the life of a separated family living in the “House of Murder” during the fall. The reality is more than it looks in this Victorian-era Los Angeles home haunted by its former owners, most of whom died in the home under gruesome circumstances.

The third season, “Coven”, incorporates the fall characteristics of magic and voodoo. Set in New Orleans, audiences follow a clan of witches descending from Salem as they fight to control their powers in a modern world.

“American Horror Story” is the perfect fall show for audiences with a taste for fear and danger.

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