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CTS Reprimands 8 Employees Over China Invasion Ticker Broadcast

Taipei, April 21 (CNA) China Television System (CTS) said Thursday that a total of eight people, including producers and news editors, received reprimands for mistakenly launching tickers on Wednesday indicating that the China was attacking Taiwan.

In the cable television station’s morning news program on Wednesday, tickers played messages saying “New Taipei City hit by People’s Liberation Army ground force missiles” and “Ship explodes in the port of Taipei, facilities, ships destroyed”.

The messages also included: “On the brink of war” and “The Chinese Communist Party is preparing for war, [Taiwan] The president declares a state of emergency.”

In a statement released Thursday, CTS said that “under Taiwan’s public broadcasting system, such errors will not be tolerated,” adding that the station would cooperate with the National Communications Commission’s (NCC) investigation into the incident. the incident.

CTS said on Wednesday that the messages, which served as a display in a disaster prevention video, appeared on the screen due to a technical error.

Chen Ya-lin (陳雅琳), acting general manager and news department editor of CTS, apologized for the incident in a video message on Wednesday.

“Colleagues responsible for the technical error, as well as relevant staff, supervisors and managers should be punished for their negligence,” Chen said, adding that as acting general manager of CTS, she would ask the board directors that she also be reprimanded.

The television station did not mention what punitive measures were taken, except to say that the greatest punishment was a major demerit.