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Dan-Dan donates TV to Victoria Jubilee Hospital

Staff at Victoria Jubilee Hospital received a 55-inch TV as a gift from popular social media influencer Danar ‘Dan-Dan’ Royal on Tuesday.

Royal donated the TV after receiving an Instagram message from duty attendant Damion Williams about the special needs of the operating room unit.

Williams said that after hearing about the “Dan Dan’s 12 Days of Christmas” campaign, which sees the influencer giving daily giveaways on Instagram, he decided to highlight the hospital’s need.

“Most of the time people overlook what goes on in the operating room unit,” said Williams, “we haven’t had a television for over three years. I regularly check the Life Instagram page. of a King, so when I heard about the campaign I thought I had to try to contact him and see how we could best get a TV.

Speaking to the audience at the handover ceremony, Royal noted that the hospital’s donation was of particular significance to him.

“I was born here. This is my birthplace. And when Damion contacted me, I thought I couldn’t pass up this opportunity to do something positive, given that I have a relationship. so intimate with this institution, ”he said.

“This initiative was born because of course I like to see people happy. We are still in a pandemic that has affected so many areas of society, especially our people and the way they win. So for me, I wanted to make it in a very fun and exciting way and what better way to do that than to gift, it’s a sure way to make people smile, ”he added.

Chief Medical Officer Dr Garth McDonald, who also addressed the audience at the event, expressed gratitude for the donation, noting that it was showing a level of support to staff at a time when they had it. most needed.

Appliance Plug CEO Janielle Davis, who helped provide the television, noted that being part of the activation was very important as the community she serves often uses the hospital, noting that there is no not in Portmore.

“When I heard about the initiative, I was happy to support it. Since my store is in Portmore and this hospital in particular provides support to many of my customers, ”said Davis.

Royal also took the opportunity to highlight his leadership team at marketing agency Negus, which he said was instrumental in the campaign’s success.

“When Danar told us about his 12 Days of Christmas, we thought it was a great initiative and that it fit the real Christmas spirit perfectly. So we got down to work and decided to help. We have reached out to a few companies and they have been very receptive and aligned with Dan Dan’s brand, ”said a representative from Negus.

“We are grateful to those who immediately got on board, companies like Digicel, Singer, Scotiabank and Appliance Plug,” added the Negus representative.

Dan Dan’s 12 Days of Christmas: Gift-A-Day campaign continues through Christmas Day.

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