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Deputy Registrar Loves Live Music and True Crime TV Shows

Meet Taritha Middleton ’11, ’14 MS, Assistant Registrar for Catalog and Commencement, a two-time University of New Haven alumnus who enjoys having a front row seat to watch current students grow and achieve their goals. .

April 27, 2022

By Renee Chmiel, Office of Marketing and Communications

Taritha Middleton and her friends on a Halloween scavenger hunt.

The lifeblood of the University of New Haven are the faculty and staff members who dedicate their lives to helping our students achieve their goals. Periodically, we’ll introduce you to a member of staff so you can learn more about him or her beyond their day-to-day work.

Taritha Middleton dancing with a little girl.
Taritha Middleton listens to the music of a group of friends.

Next up is Taritha Middleton ’11, ’14 MS, Assistant Registrar for Catalog and Commencement, an animal lover who plans to get her own dog this summer.

Rene Chmiel: What are your favorite TV shows?
Tarita Middleton: It may sound strange, but I love detective series. Forensic files, along with ID networks and HLN broadcasts, are some of my favorites. I am very intrigued by how science and good police work solve crimes. Some decades-old cases are resolved. It amazes me how much progress has been made in science to solve cold cases.

CR: When you were a student at the University of New Haven, what did you like the most?
TM: I really enjoyed interacting with my classmates, learning together and working on projects together. It was rewarding to learn new things from them and our teachers. My favorite activity was our television production class. We had a great time putting together our own show for our final project.

CR: What is your favorite hobby?
TM: My favorite hobby is listening to live music. My friends always tell me that I’m always out listening to music, and yes, I am. I love supporting live music. I’ve met the most wonderful friends (now part of the family) watching my friends’ bands play. I really enjoy listening to new music and meeting new people.

Three cats look out the window.
Taritha Middleton’s brother’s dog and cats: Luna, Jax and Tashie.

One night I had gone to an open mic event and my friend’s son was playing guitar. I was blown away at how good he was. He had learned to play by watching YouTube videos. He was 15 the first time I saw him play, and now he is 18, and he will play a gala that I am organizing in August.

CR: Have you had teachers or professors who have made a significant difference in your life?
TM: My favorite professors at the University who had a big impact on me are Dr. Tracy Tamborra and Dr. Tanya Grant. They have such a passion for the field of criminal justice, and they are two very strong women who I admire very much. They both stand up for what they believe in, and that’s something I strive to do every day.

CR: Do you have pets?
TM: I want to have a dog this summer. I love animals. I consider my brother’s dog and cats to be mine. They are too cute and fun. Besides, my neighbor’s cat is my bodyguard. He loves hanging out on my patio to make sure everything is okay.

Tarita Middleton.
Taritha Middleton at a friend’s performance.

CR: Are there any causes you are passionate about?
TM: I’m very passionate about organizations that help people live the way they want and be who they are meant to be. I am a huge supporter of LGBTQ+ rights and cultural organizations.

CR: What do you enjoy most about your role at the University?
TM: What I enjoy the most is the interaction I have with the students. I love seeing them when they start their degree programs and when they graduate. It’s a wonderful thing to see them achieve their goals.