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EBS Presents XR TV Shows “The Home” and “The Dreamer”

E Ji-ah presents the evolution of the universe with XR technology in “The Home” (EBS)

The public educational television channel EBS is launching two extended reality science programs, “The Home” and “The Dreamer”, this week.

Extended Reality is an umbrella term that encompasses Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Mixed Reality. Computer technology can merge the physical and virtual worlds, bringing digital elements to viewers.

“There have been a few music programs partly applying XR technology, but ‘The Home’ and ‘The Dreamer’ are the first television shows based entirely on XR,” an EBS official told the Korea Herald on Monday.

XR space documentary “The Home” seeks to deliver a space travel experience through the small screen, entertaining viewers with various space-related topics, including the Big Bang, gravity, the sun and more Again.

Actor E Ji-ah, who played Shim Su-ryeon in SBS’s hit drama series “The Penthouse: War in Life,” is the host of the documentary.

The 10-part program airs on EBS1 at 11:55 p.m. Monday through Thursday, starting November 29.

Ha Seok-jin appears as the show's host in

Ha Seok-jin appears as a host of “The Dreamer” show (EBS)

At the beginning of December, EBS will launch another XR program, “The Dreamer”.

The sci-fi talk show deals with possible crimes in a technologically advanced future of 2049, including mind downloading, artificial intelligence, and space colonization.

According to EBS, XR technologies are applied to create the futuristic scenes, allowing viewers to better understand the stories.

With actor Ha Seok-jin as the show’s host and neuroscientist Chang Dong-seon and profiler-turned-actor Kim Yoon-hee appearing as panelists, the upcoming Thursday night program deals with illegal activities that may be taking place in the year 2049. and possible solutions.

The three-part series will air at 9:50 p.m. every Thursday, starting December 9, on EBS1.

“The Dreamer” will also be available on EBS’ official MOMOe YouTube channel.

By Lee Si-jin ([email protected])