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Former Students Bring Serious Allegations Against Carterville School District Staff | Right

CARTERVILLE, Ill. (WSIL) – A school board meeting in Carterville tonight was filled with allegations of bullying by staff and sexual harassment of students.

Former student Kyle Willis read a 5-minute statement to the board on Thursday night, saying those allegations had been dismissed for years.

Willis and many other former students say staff bullying, bullying, sexually harassing and assaulting students has happened with little to no repercussions.

“Why did you normalize teachers’ sexual behavior towards your students and not act against it? been a lot of students that you are and were directly responsible for, who have been through these things over and over and had to persevere through it all on their own,” Willis said.

Kyle made a 28-page presentation to board members and attendees.

It’s filled with dozens of Facebook posts and community forums alleging the same things Kyle presented tonight.

The board also replied that it takes these allegations very seriously.

“We’ve had situations that have been investigated by law enforcement that you’ve escaped and we certainly take all of that very, very seriously,” a board member said.

News Three contacted the regional superintendent of schools at Carterville High School on Thursday.

Senior officials said they would release a statement on Friday.

News Three also requested copies of any formal criminal complaints against Carterville staff.

We should receive them next week.