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From “WandaVision” to “Dinosaurs” – Here are the new TV shows coming to Disney + in January 2021

It’s not just movies that hit Disney + in January. The New Year comes with plenty of new shows to binge-watch on Disney’s subscription service (the highly anticipated Marvel series, WandaVision, included.)

Of Dinosaurs to a new one Star wars series, here are some of the best shows coming to Disney + in January 2021.

Paul Bettany and Elizabeth Olsen from the Original Disney + Marvel Series, “WandaVision” | Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images for Disney

‘Star Wars Forces of Destiny’ Volumes 1-4

Fans haven’t seen the last of characters like Rey, Jyn Erso, and Rose. Thanks to this new animated series, the spotlight is put on some of the most iconic characters in the galaxy from far and wide.

Narrated by Lupita Nyong’o, this series will follow strong female characters on their new adventures, big and small. This includes Ahsoka Tano, who recently appeared in the Disney + original, The Mandalorian. Star Wars Forces of Destiny launches its first episodes on January 8 on Disney +.

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‘Dinosaurs’ Seasons 1-4

It’s a blast from the past – millions of years in the past, to be precise. Reruns of this series appeared periodically on the Disney Channel. However, Dinosaurs, the story of a blue collar dinosaur, his family and his capricious boss set in 60,000,003 BC.

Jim Henson’s’ 90s sitcom starring a Muppet-like dinosaur character is heading to Disney’s streaming platform. Seasons 1 to 4 of Dinosaurs premieres on Disney + on January 29.

‘WandaVision’ will premiere in January 2021

Although Vision was killed by Thanos, there is another world where he and Wanda find themselves together. This is the magical world of television, where these two go to experience some of the most iconic sitcoms in history.

WandaVision stars Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany as the main characters, previously from Marvel movies like Avengers: Civil War and Avengers: Infinity War. After months of waiting, this series premieres its first episode on Disney + on January 15th.

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New episodes of ‘Marvel Studios: Legends’

For fans who miss the Avengers and their blockbuster movies, Marvel Studios: Legends is the next best thing. This Disney series is based on the Marvel Comics characters that appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Present an individual character per episode, Marvel Studios: Legends is scheduled to premiere on Disney’s streaming platform on January 8, just days before the series’ live premiere, WandaVision.

This month also includes several new movies dropped on the streaming platform. Mary Poppins Returns, starring Emily Blunt and Lin-Manuel Miranda, debuts on Disney +, as do movies like Ramona and Beezus, The Wolverine, Isle of Dogs, and Dr. Seuss’ Horton hears a who!

If you want to watch the newest and most popular Disney movies and TV shows, head over to Disney’s streaming platform, Disney +. To learn more about Disney + and to subscribe, visit their website.

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