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Game of Thrones trades extra TV for finance company

An actor from Belfast who appeared in Game Of Thrones returned to college and achieved one of the highest marks in Ireland on his accountancy exams.

Financial professional Michael Moody has been named one of the top students in the Accounting Technicians Ireland degree.

Today, the 32-year-old has traded in the grueling filming schedule of global television success for a new role in the financial hub of Belfast of a global learning company.

Mr. Moody took short-term masterclasses at the Crescent Arts Center in Belfast and worked as a feature on Game Of Thrones episode three, season eight, The Long Night.

“The battle scenes were very physical and involved several hundred extras from all over the island of Ireland in nightly shoots, which lasted around three months,” he said.

“I was a Karstark and, like many extras, I have fond memories of the shoot and a jacket as a souvenir.”

Mr Moody has also worked as an extra on other Northern Ireland-based productions, including the BBC’s Paula and Come Home.

He has now held a position at Pearson Finance Services as a Financial Control and Reporting Analyst, thanks to his degree from Belfast Metropolitan College in the Titanic Quarter.

The degree is recognized as the fastest route to a professional career in accounting. Registration for the next academic year, starting in September, is now open for colleges in Northern Ireland.

It can be completed in as little as two years and study can be full-time, part-time, and online.

Job prospects

“The Irish Accounting Technician degree has dramatically improved my employment prospects and has led me to my current position at Pearson,” said Mr Moody, who already had a degree in accounting from Queens University.

Despite over 10 years of experience in finance, public sector and retail banking, he said the Accounting Technicians Ireland course was a great fit.

“I wanted to go back to my accounting studies because I had withdrawn from my diploma for several years. The diploma provided me with a great opportunity to refresh and update my technical knowledge, ”he said.

“The flexibility of part-time, full-time or online is ideal for anyone looking to combine education and employment, as I have.

“You can set your own hours. There was exceptional support and advice; the information was of the highest quality.

“The degree engaged me from the start and I look forward to the opportunity to put into practice the skills I have acquired and continue my education with the goal of becoming a graduate accountant.

“During the Covid shutdown, we continued to learn online. It was a tough time, but there was tremendous support.

“All fears have been completely eliminated so that students can focus on their preparation and take the exams with confidence.

“I would highly recommend the degree to anyone aspiring to gain a recognized qualification to develop a career in finance or accounting, regardless of their professional background or education. It provides solid technical knowledge that can be applied in many industries.

Accounting Technicians Ireland provides a nationally and internationally recognized accounting qualification and graduates are employed in industry, commerce, private practice and the public sector.

Classes are open to school and college leavers, mature students, and people working in business, industry or small firms, but who so far have no formal training. – PA

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