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Government denies allegations of land allocation to Indian company

This morning, an online platform, alluding to a falsely published local TV advertisement without verification, reported slanderous and malicious allegations that the Barrow government had allocated vast acres of land to an Indian corporation.

Obviously, the report, a laughable piece of “yellow journalism”, did not provide any evidence to support the authenticity or veracity of the claims.
Instead, rambling political propaganda escalated into slurs and innuendos, slandering the character of innocent citizens.

The government of The Gambia would like to point out that the land in question was totally a private transaction between Mr. Nandu Rajwani, a naturalized Gambian-Indian businessman who has lived in the country for four decades. Rajwani is the CEO of EMK Stores Limited with over a thousand employees.

More specifically, in July 2021, Nandu Rawjani concluded a private land transaction with the village community of Bissari-Madi, Foni Bondali district to the tune of 5.5 million Dalasis. The land has since been used and currently employs 7 Indian agronomists and over 100 Gambian farm workers.

Therefore, the Gambian government wishes to clarify that contrary to the false report of complicity in the land transaction, it was neither a party to the transaction nor involved in the negotiations, sale and transfer of the land to Mr. Rawjani.

While the Gambian government encourages public scrutiny, as evidenced by the new freedom of information law, it is also urging journalists and citizens who use social media to verify stories to avoid constant misinformation.
Ebrima G. Sankareh
The spokesperson for the Gambian government