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Haikyuu Staff Meets Season 4’s Biggest Challenges

Haikyuu is easily one of the greatest sports anime around. As the anime volleyball team prepares to kick the ball with their upcoming two-movie finale, a recent interview with director, Masako Sato, and series composer, Taku Kishimoto, revealed some of the biggest challenges that arose during the fourth season. While the manga is already over, expect big surprises in the future for the anime adaptation of the fan-favorite series.

To begin, series composer Taku Kishimoto delved into the difficulties of synthesizing manga source material:

“The most important thing in composing a series is knowing how to wrap up the story. However, there are certain parts of the story that need to be compressed and certain parts that need to be pulled more tightly than others. We had to think about how much of the original story to include in an episode of the TV anime series, but it was very difficult to balance the content and the length of the story while emphasizing the development of the intrigue and cohesion of each episode and by not changing the feel of the original story.”

In addition to that, director Masako Sato reaffirmed Kishimoto’s thoughts while also discussing the series’ previous OVA:

“It was really difficult. The length of the OVA was always an issue. I was like, ‘What should I do? (Looking at Kishimoto) I don’t blame you. (laughs)”

Kishimoto then expanded on his thoughts on how to translate some of the series’ fast-paced action to the small screen:

“I can get a rough idea of ​​the pacing of everyday scenes, but when it comes to games it’s a bit more difficult. It would be better if I had a perfect image in my head and could share with the storyboard artist, but that’s not always possible… For example, if you write a detailed description of a match, the structure is quite heavy, but when you put it on screen, it’s finished in an instant, even for a momentary scene where the players throw and sting the ball with a bang, if you write a sequence where the characters look at the opponent, check the position of the opponent and throw the ball, you will have a lot to write.”

Via Haikyu’s English Twitter account