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How about a $ 400,000 foldable TV?


C-Seed created what we believe to be the most expensive home TV we’ve ever seen, the M1. What’s so special about him? It folds into the ground.

C-Seed is an Australian electronics manufacturer specializing in all kinds of displays. With some people apparently not liking the view of a TV in a room, the company decided to tackle the problem head-on with a 165-inch TV that tucks into the floor.

Image: C-Seed.

It’s called the M1, and while the fact that it bends in sections in the ground sounds like some sort of a 1960s Bond villain’s wet dream, it actually does come with some pretty high-tech specs. For starters, this is a 4K microLED display capable of showing pure black and HDR display. MicroLED is of course not yet quite common in home TVs. The screen itself is divided into sections rather than physically folding like a Galaxy smartphone. This method creates the risk of small gaps where each screen separates. However, the company says its adaptive gap calibration system can mask potential gaps by adjusting the brightness of the closest LEDs to make the screen appear seamless.

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Image: C-Seed.

In the end, it’s a bit of a gimmick. There are only a handful of people with the kind of floor to take on such a beast, and I can’t say I’m convinced of the idea of ​​viewing HDR in the all-glass showroom at the promotional video. Still, it’s a statement piece as much as anything else, and at $ 400,000, you’re unlikely to see it on sale at Walmart.

If the price hasn’t turned you off and you feel like digging a big hole in your soil, check out the action below!


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