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How an Indian Hired Us to Kill a Fellow Company President – Kuje Prison Escapee

Abdulrazak Isah, one of the convicts, who escaped from Kuje Correctional Center in Abuja on Tuesday July 5, told how he was rearrested after stealing items from an abandoned hotel where he was hibernating.

According to Tribune, Isah was paraded alongside other suspects in Abuja last Wednesday by the Force’s Public Relations Officer, CSP Olumuyiwa Adejobi, for various offenses ranging from kidnapping, armed robbery to murder.

Adejobi said the Kuje escapee was arrested in Tafa Local Government Area, Kaduna State, for stealing an iPad and a computer screen from a hotel in Sabon Wuse, State. from Niger.

He added that the suspect sold the monitor for 5,000 Naira and the iPad for 10,000 Naira before he was arrested.

During his confession, he said: “I am 27 years old. My parents are from Ondo State but I was born and raised in Bauchi State. I am a digital television engineer. I repair digital television installations and other electronic devices. I lost my parents in 2019.

“I was involved in the murder of an Indian. I worked with the Indian as a cook. Another Indian working in the same company, a ceramics industry, wanted to take over the position of my direct boss, so there was a rivalry between them. The Indian we killed was the president of the factory. Whoever blamed the murder on us was the vice president. The company was Indian-owned and produced tiles and toilets.

“The job was assigned to me and my colleague. On a Friday around 7:30 p.m., my boss was sitting in front of his desk when my co-worker slipped up from behind and stabbed him in the stomach, causing him to fall. Before that, we had planned for me to leave pretending to want to do something. That night, I told my boss I was going to get his key, but I waved at my colleague.

“After he fell, I took his phone. The police came to evacuate his body. Later, all the employees of the company were summoned but my accomplice did not come, so they went to arrest him. During the investigation he confessed and this led to my arrest. The Indian who entrusted us with the mission was also arrested but later released.

“Before our arrests, the Indian gave my partner an amount which was not disclosed to me, but he (a colleague) promised to give me 30,000 Naira which I never received before our arrest. I was arraigned for armed robbery and murder and remanded in custody.

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Author: Adekunle Dada

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