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Insurance Company VR Claims Surge 31% in 2021

According to a Guardian report, it’s 2006 again: a brand new motion-controlled game interface is taking the world by storm, and people are using it to destroy their homes and possessions. While the harm caused by the Nintendo Wii may seem like a quaint memory now, the growing adoption of VR headsets is apparently bringing back that magical feeling.

British insurance company Aviva says it has seen a 31% increase in home content claims related to VR headsets in 2021, with most cases involving the destruction of a TV or nearby valuables while the plaintiff was playing in VR.

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The company expects to see even more cases like these as VR headsets see more widespread adoption. The Meta Quest store has quadrupled its revenue over the past three years, and more widespread VR will mean even more living room disasters.

As more and more of us are drawn to the alluring magic of VR, it will be prudent to adopt a few best practices for your VR setup. Make sure you are standing a sufficient distance from your TV. Move your anime figure glass display case away from where you will be waving your arms with your eyes covered. Your grandfather’s ashes? Dude, you don’t want that urn near where you’ll be playing Beat Saber.

With a little planning and forethought, you can avoid the heartache you might feel after perpetrating such acts of destruction on your own home.