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Is “El Chapo” the new “Narcos”? American television to air series based on Guzman’s life

In Sinaloa, 900 troops were sent to the region in early April, joining the 1,300 military police who have reinforced the municipal police force since January.

“We don’t judge him; we don’t make him a hero or a villain, ”said Marco de la O, the 38-year-old Mexican actor who plays Guzman, and who shows a striking resemblance to the drug lord. “We tell a true story, so that the viewer can form their own opinion. “

De la O has defended the series against accusations it was taking advantage of the estimated 100,000 people who have died in the drug wars in Mexico since 2006.

“There are a lot of people who haven’t had the same sense of responsibility as this show – who just want to produce something that sells,” he said.

“I’m glad there is work for my compatriots, but I don’t think we should play with the problem of drug trafficking and the deaths it has caused – let alone do those who are.” behind ambitious personalities.

“We have avoided the tendency that we Latinos have of making heroes.”

He said he must have read a lot to prepare for the role, given that much of the media coverage focused on his later life. The script given to him was the result of three years of research, based on encounters with reporters who covered the drug business, acquaintances, DEA reports, and psychological profiles of Guzman compiled in prison.

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