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ITV America and Blumhouse Television Reach Exclusive Global Agreement for Unscripted Programming

ITV America and Blumhouse Television Reach Exclusive Global Agreement for Unscripted Programming

Partners to create a new unscripted list adapted to the Blumhouse brand;

The original format of the horror competition “Escape the Maze” (wt) marks the first project

NEW YORK – (June 23, 2021) – Blumhouse has entered into an exclusive global agreement with ITV America (strange eye, Island of love) for unscripted television. Through this multi-year partnership, Blumhouse Television will double its unscripted activities, creating a whole new roster of projects that will bring its prestigious brand of provocative, disruptive and terrifying content to every nook and cranny of the non-fiction space.

As part of the set, Blumhouse will have a dedicated team working in conjunction with ITV America to bring the loudest, most intense and unexpected genre, paranormal reality and suspense-driven creation to the unscripted. . Blumhouse’s non-fiction unit will also take advantage of opportunities to work with producers from ITV America’s six vertical labels – ITV Entertainment, Leftfield Pictures, Sirens Media, Thinkfactory Media, High Noon Entertainment and Good Caper Content – to develop new concepts and IP.

The first project resulting from the partnership – Escape the labyrinth (wt) – will combine Blumhouse’s prowess in horror with the self-drawn, isolating and emotionally charged competition aesthetic perfected by Leftfield Pictures, creator of the global survival success Alone.

In a unique format of escape and competition, on the theme of gender, Escape the labyrinth will follow individual competitors who have been locked in a dark and confusing maze (designed by the world’s most prominent and imaginative maze architect, Adrian Fisher OBE, and The Premier Mission Group) encountering a range of physical and psychological challenges designed to make the experience both frightening and frustrating.

Blumhouse and Leftfield are currently offering the project to potential buyers, with other series from Blumhouse and ITV America in development.

“Blumhouse is one of the most exceptional brands in the industry,” said David George, CEO of ITV America. “They bring a virtually untapped genre to our portfolio, and we’re delighted they’ve chosen ITV America to help expand their empire. Their provocative sensibilities combined with our diverse production capabilities will create a list of great shows and formats unlike any other in the unscripted business. It’s going to be on the edge of your seat and wild! “

“ITV has been great partners for us in the past, and we’re excited to expand our relationship with them in an unscripted way,” said Jason Blum, CEO and Founder of Blumhouse. “Together we have some big, crazy ideas that viewers are going to have fun watching.”

“There are no better partners to collaborate with in the unscripted space than ITV, their prowess is unmatched,” said Chris McCumber, president of Blumhouse Television. “They’ve been great collaborative partners with us in the past, and what we’ve come up with with them before is fun, bold and will definitely be an improvement on our existing unscripted portfolio.”

The global deal was negotiated by ITV America Executive Vice President of Business Development and Strategy Danielle Bibbo and Executive Vice President of Commercial Affairs Tonko Soljan with Marc Barson, Executive Vice President and responsible for business and legal affairs at Blumhouse Television.


About ITV America

ITV America, part of ITV Studios, is one of the largest independent producers of unscripted content in the United States. The company is made up of six vertical production labels, including ITV Entertainment, Leftfield Pictures, Sirens Media, Thinkfactory Media, High Noon Entertainment and Good Caper Content, with series such as: strange eye (Netflix); Island of love (CBS); The hunt (ABC); Upper Fixator (HGTV); Hell’s Kitchen (FOX); The Real Housewives of New Jersey (Well done); and Pawn stars, Alone and Forged in fire (HISTORY), among many others.

About Blumhouse

Blumhouse is known for pioneering a new model of studio filmmaking: producing high-quality, micro-budget films and provocative TV series. Considered the driving force behind the horror renaissance, Blumhouse has produced more than 150 films and TV series with theatrical revenues of over $ 4.8 billion. The company has produced iconic genre film franchises like Halloween, Paranormal activity, The purge, and prolific films like Leigh Whannell’s The invisible Man; A glass, Visit and To divide by M. Night Shyamalan; Spike lee BlackKkKlansman; Get out by Jordan Peele; among many others. Blum’s TV company operates in horror programming – with anthology series streaming for Epix and the like Welcome to the Blumhouse for Amazon – and has also expanded beyond the genre with provocative and acclaimed script and unscripted series and documentaries, such as The good Lord bird, with Oscar nominee Ethan Hawke, for Showtime; The loudest voice, with Golden Globe winner Russell Crowe for Showtime; A desert of errors (FX); The Jinx for HBO; A secret love, by executive producer Ryan Murphy, for Netflix; and praised the HBO series Sharp objects, with Amy Adams and Patricia Clarkson, among others.

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