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Kannada TV to receive new horror show

There is a new addition to Kannada TV as an entertainment channel is set to air a new horror show, titled Aakruthi, from August 24 at 9:30 p.m. to keep its viewers entertained. The series has actors Tanvi Rao, starred in films like Rangbirangi and Pawan in leading roles. This channel had recently launched another new series, called Kavyanjali.

The new horror show revolves around the character of Divya, a young dancer who balances her education with her passion for the arts. Divya lives with her parents, Prajwal and Chaitra, and her brother, Sujay. She had lived quite happily with her family, until things took a drastic turn in their life, when they began to have strange experiences. All their family happiness vanished after an unexpected incident, involving Divya and her ancestors. It had an impact on their current life. Later, Divya, who is a brave girl, uncovers the secret of the mystery and tries to protect her family members.

According to the channel, there are many reasons to watch the series exciting, including the way the series is designed as well as its rich content. The series endorses a script style that they believe has never been tried before on Kannada TV, and should captivate audiences.

Aakruthi’s story and screenplay are written by Siddharth, for the new TV series. And, the direction and cinematography of Mr. Kumar. Mrugashira Shrikanth wrote the dialogue, while Sandalwood’s musical director Gurukiran composed the music for the title song, written by lyricist Kaviraj. The series also has Netravati actors Jadhav, Bobby, Prakyat, and Tanuja in pivotal roles. Meanwhile, Sridhar and Usha Bhandari appear as special characters. The series is produced by director KM Chaitanya and P Harridoss. KM Chaitanya has managed many projects like Aa Dinagalu, Aatagara, Aake and Amma I Love You.

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