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Kannada TV to see its first full-fledged revenge saga

The Kannada entertainment space is slowly but steadily shifting from ordinary kitchen politics and everyday soaps to harsher content. From mythology to the supernatural, many themes are now explored and the last genre to be tested is that of revenge. Niharika, the series which aired last week, is the first of its kind to hit the Kannada TV marquee and it deals with revenge as the central plot. “Most importantly, we call it the first of its kind because it’s not just another standard, run-of-the-mill kitchen drama,” said Ashok Namboodiri, the channel’s commercial director. “In this show, the protagonist is not someone who patiently undergoes all the challenges thrown at him and cries in silence,” he adds. Instead, the creators wanted to portray the inner strength of women and propagate the idea that women stand up for themselves.

“Our central character is a strong woman who defends herself and is not ready to accept any harm. Revenge doesn’t always have to be bad or manipulative; it can also be about standing up for what’s right and that’s a point we’re trying to make with this show. Filled with superior production value, the show seeks to propagate the empowerment of women, ”Ashok sums up.

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