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Kendall Street Company Releases New Album ‘Live at Relix Studio NYC 6/12/2021’

Kendall Street Company Releases New Album ‘Live at Relix Studio NYC 6/12/2021’

Photo credit: Graham Barbour

Kendall Street Company has officially released their first live album Relix Studio, dubbed Live at Relix Studio NYC 06/12/2021. The new album features the Charlottesville, Va.-based alternative rock jamband performing many of their original songs plus a selection of covers during a studio session in New York City on December 6, 2021.

The 12-track album opens with “Space Blade,” which captures the ensemble – comprised of supreme instrumentation by Louis Smith, Brian Roy, Ryan Wood, Ben Laderberg and Jake Vanaman paired with catchy lyrics. “Board Shorts” comes next and can be hailed for its great power. “Lunar Dude” and fan-favorite “Expiration Date” next appear on the LP. The latter features a moving saxophone solo by Vanaman, marking one of the many highlights of the new live compilation.

“Crab Surprise” is also featured on Kendall Street Company’s Live at Relix Studio NYC 06/12/2021 watch list. The issue was originally published in 2022 Untitled California Projectwhich was just covered in an interview with the band in the latest issue of Relix. For the troupe’s next number, they chose to cover Grateful Dead fan-favorite “Bertha,” retaining the classic elements of the beloved song while adding a new twist to the tune penned by Jerry Garcia. .

The album continues with “Dust Mites”, “Wineglass Television”, “Cars” and “Laura, I’m sorry for the cobbler” before moving on to the next cover, this time “Rocky Raccoon” by The Beatles, which was released as a single by the ensemble in January. The final number of Live at Relix Studio NYC 06/12/2021 sees Kendall Street Company perform an unparalleled opening jam on “Aged White Cheddar.” The number closes out the set for the Virginia-based band, who pride themselves on memorable live performances.

Additionally, Kendall Street Company just shared over 20 live shows on, including their “Live at Relix Studio” set. Stream the performance now by following this link.

To access Kendall Street Company Live at Relix Studio NYC on 12/06/2021, visit their official Linktree now.

Kendall Street Company Watchlist, Live at Relix Studio NYC on 12/06/2021:

  1. Space Blade
  2. swim shorts
  3. Lunar guy
  4. Expiration date
  5. crab surprise
  6. Bertha
  7. Mites
  8. Flat wine glass
  9. Cars
  10. Laura, I’m sorry for the cobbler
  11. rocky raccoon
  12. Aged white cheddar