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King Charles III’s staff spread lies about Princess Diana

Princess Diana’s former aide Patrick Jepson has called out former courtiers of King Charles for making the princess’s life hell.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, Patrick said Charles’s staff do not talk about the princess, but are running a “systematic campaign” against her, claiming she suffers from mental illness.

He said: ‘It wasn’t just the occasional gossip, it was a systematic campaign. Okay, that was a long time ago, but…the man they were supporting is now our king and these things shouldn’t be buried, they shouldn’t be conveniently pushed aside.

Patrick also added that Charles’ connection to Camilla Parker Bowles was an open secret.

“They happened, in theory they could happen again, and they certainly shouldn’t go uncensored,” he added.

He also told the publication that his perception of Diana’s death in a car accident as “a bit crazy”, makes him “frustrated”.

“That’s become the official line. If you ask people close to the current royal establishment – if you dare bring up the subject of Princess Diana, which very few people would do – then I think it’s is the answer you would get; that it was a tragic story and that she was essentially mentally troubled, and the implication being that she was not entirely up to the job, which she essentially failed at” , he added.