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Man Faces Cruel Attack In Front Of Daughter By KSRTC Staff; HC requests a report

A man was cruelly beaten in front of his daughter by a group of Kerala State Road Transport Corporation workers at a bus depot near Thiruvananthapuram on Tuesday following a student concession dispute, prompting the government to suspend four KSRTC staff members and the High Court to register a case on its own over the shocking incident.

Not only the 55-year-old father, but his student daughter was also pushed and assaulted by public carrier staff members after a brief war of words broke out between them at the bus depot in the morning.

The assault incident caught the attention of the general public and the media after an alleged visual captured on a mobile phone went viral and was aired on local television stations.

In the video, the employees could be seen pushing the man into a room, assaulting him and beating the girl who was trying to stop them.

The girl could also be seen questioning the aggression by the employees and another man could be heard telling the staff members not to beat them.

The girl’s father, Preman, later sought treatment at a taluk hospital.

Hailing from Amachal near Thiruvananthapuram, he said a minor argument with KSRTC employees at the depot led to the assault.

”I went to the depot with my daughter to renew her student concession. The counter staff asked us to bring the course certificate. I told them it had already been submitted when renewing the bus pass last month,’ the man said.

But, the employees were not ready to renew the concession and the argument ended in aggression.

As the issue sparked controversy, Transport Minister Antony Raju stepped in and demanded an urgent report from the KSRTC Chairman and Managing Director on the incident.

Although it was an isolated incident, the mistreatment of a person who arrived at the office, which brought shame to the KSRTC, could not be accepted at any price, the minister said.

Later that evening, an order was issued suspending four employees pending an investigation based on the preliminary investigation report.

“Instructions have been given to the Chief Executive Officer (CMD) to complete the investigation within 45 days and take strict action against the accused,” the minister’s office said.

Meanwhile, Barrister Deepu Thankan, who represents KSRTC in the Kerala High Court, said Judge Devan Ramachandran had requested a report on the incident.

He also said the High Court had entered a case of its own into the incident based on media reports.

Kattakkada Police said five KSRTC employees were convicted in connection with the incident and various IPC sections including 143, 149, 323, etc. were slapped against them.

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