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Mark Cuban and guest Kevin Hart invest in comic book and animation company Black Sands on “Shark Tank”

Artistic entrepreneurs presented themselves on Shark aquarium with their independent comic book publishing company Black content in the hope that an investment will help change the way people learn African history through animation projects.

What is happening:

  • At a recent episode of ABCsuccessful unscripted series, Shark aquarium, Founders of Black Sands Entertainment, Manuel and Geizel Godoy came face to face with the legendary investor panel and Shark Special Guest Kevin Hart.
  • Their company, Black Sands Entertainment, a black-owned comic book publisher, ventures into the world of animation with content focused on inclusiveness and educating people about the rich strata of history and of black culture that go beyond the experience of slavery and colonization.

  • Founded in 2016, the company has produced comics, children’s books and novels and is starting to venture into the world of animation inspired by African mythology. They also cultivate freelance artists and writers who publish their works through them. The company has also raised over $ 2,000,000 through fundraising campaigns and also enlisted animators from Disney, Sony, Pixar, Nickelodeon and other studios to help them with their projects.
  • In the Shark aquarium episode, The Godoys and their partner Teunis from Raat (Netflix’s The Willoughbys) were originally asking $ 500,000 for a 5% stake in their business.

  • Sharks Mark Cuban and Guest Shark Kevin Hart were the ones who made a deal, but instead they asked for 30% of their rising mark instead of the original 5%.
  • Godoy found himself far from ready to give up that percentage of their business, countering their offer with a lower percentage and a royalty deal.

  • The sharks didn’t bite, and Hart found himself explaining that they had the potential to generate real income through movie and TV deals and brand sponsorship before playing his Hollywood card, claiming he wanted 30% because he could bring “a whole ecosystem”. at the table. He added that animation assistance, production assistance, marketing, all of that is already in his pipeline. Hart said, “I wouldn’t be asking for this particular number if you didn’t need to access my real resources. You said, “We’re going to bring in creative people: new animation, new stories. ” I got it.”

  • Cuban also suggested he would be there to help with the tech angle, useful since their brief demo featured computer animation, not traditionally hand-drawn dishes, which one would expect from a company with a history in the development of comics and graphic novels.
  • In the end, Godoy said he was doing this for his fans who were eagerly awaiting their next projects, and made a deal with Hart and Cuban, getting $ 500,000 in exchange for 30% of their business. Hart reportedly came on board through his production company, HartBeat Productions.
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