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Modern Warfare 2 and Marvel Snap

It’s that time of year again: deep breathing before the dive.

While October saw some big games released, November is the juggernaut of 2022. Next month TheGamer staff will no doubt be playing God of War Ragnarok, Sonic Frontiers, Goat Simulator 3, Pentiment, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devel In Me, World of Warcraft: Dragonflight and, above all, Garfield. Lasagna night. This month, however, we catch up on games we missed earlier in the year, like Dragon Ball: The Breakers, revisit old favorites, like The Last of Us Part 2, and indulge in our final scares. Halloween before the season ends, with games like Soma and Issy’s terrifying plans for The Sims 4. Oh, and whether we mention it or not, we’re basically all playing Marvel Snap at this point.


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Andrew King, Features Editor

Like Ellie tending to sneak under a rusty old truck, my pace in The Last of Us Part 2 slowed down. Last weekend was pretty busy, and this week I mostly played Marvel Snap and Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga on Switch so my wife could use the TV while she finished a long knitting project . But this weekend, I’ll get into Abby’s story if it kills me.

Amanda Hurych, Evergreen Content Manager

Since this weekend comes before the scariest of all spooky nights, I’ll be pausing my other gaming activities to play a horror game. At the top of the folder is Soma. Recently added to Xbox Game Pass, Soma is one of my favorite games of all time (I have a lot of favorite games). This will be my third time playing it, so while the scares might not land as heavily as the first time around, it will be the equivalent of comfort food for my weekend. If I complete Soma too quickly, I’ll switch to Amnesia: Rebirth (which has also been added to Game Pass).

Issy van der Velde, interdepartmental editor

Since it’s Halloween, I thought I’d take on the scariest challenge of all: being a parent. I’m trying the 100 babies challenge in The Sims 4 so I can create sweet and sweet content. The well ran dry until November hit us with all of its releases, so I’m going back to the classics for ideas. Turning a Sim into a broodmare and bringing her out child after child is one of the shittiest things I’ve done on the show. As of this writing, I only have one, so I have no chance of completing the challenge, but the journey is certainly worthwhile.

Ben Sledge, Features Editor

I’m committed to only playing games released this year for the rest of 2022. I’m thinking about my games of the year list, you see, like last year I played Guardians of the Galaxy and Chicory on the Christmas break and I would have liked to include them. I’m still playing my live service games Pokemon Go and Apex Legends but other than that only beginners as of now. With that in mind, I’ll probably play some more of the Modern Warfare II campaign, get bored again, and carve out another starship in Hardspace: Shipbreaker. Rinse and repeat. Oh, and I play Marvel Snap more than I’d like to admit too.

Justin Reeve, editor

I actually passed on the Uncharted games when they first came out, so for most of this weekend my plans are to work my way through the Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves collection. I was already thinking about finally getting into these a while ago, but when I heard there was a remaster in the works, I just put things on hold for a bit. Well, the remaster is now out, which means I have no excuse to keep ignoring what are supposed to be amazing games. Who knows? Maybe I’ll even watch the recently released movie next.

Quinton O’Connor, specialist writer

I explore an ocean of stars in Star Ocean: The Divine Force. By the way, two things about the previous sentence are wrong. First, you tend to spend more time on the planets in the series than in the cosmos. Also, there are no colons in the title. Here’s what happens – I don’t care, because the former sounds cooler, and the latter is just damn silly. The. I said it. Square Enix can find me and fine me. If I get sent to an “incorrect RPG title prison”, I’ll write letters while I’m there, and actually start something. And then we won’t have to deal with stuff like Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin. Did you know? This one doesn’t have a colon either. Subtitles are too low for Square I guess. Wait, was I supposed to talk about the game I’m playing? Uh. It’s funny. Yeah.

James Kennedy, specialist writer

You know, sometimes a game can be a terrible, terrible mess, and yet be a good time. This is the case of Dragon Ball: The Breakers. Is it a cynically designed gacha game that also has the audacity to ask for money in advance? Yeah. Does it have camera issues, janky hitboxes, and server stability issues? Definitely. Still, of all the asynchronous Dead By Daylight-esque games that have been released in recent years, it’s done differently enough to keep me coming back. And I’m not even a fan of Dragon Ball Z! What can I say ? Dragon Ball: The Breakers broke me. I’m going to play it this weekend and I’m going to have a hell of a good time. Love doesn’t have to have meaning, people!

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