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Perfect TV shows for the nerds at heart

“Clone high”
One show I fell in love with in my early years in college was the cult classic “Clone High”.
This show is a classic martyr, killed by MTV even before having a second season. This show is about high school clones of historical figures, from leaders like JFK to a gothic Joan of Arc.
The show contains elements of science fiction, but is primarily a parody of high school dramas like “One Tree Hill” or “Degrassi”. It really has a childish vibe of the 90s, with music numbers from many pop groups of the era and references to the movie “American Pie”.
The show is funny without playing politics or standing on a soapbox. “Clone High” has really great characters like the Ghandi clone who has a lot of fun adventures like getting high for reasons – things get really trippy.
The show has plenty of subplots and handles teen drama very well. He laughs at the anguish of adolescents. The show was canceled early, but in recent years HBO has gotten two new seasons that could be released next year.
As someone who grew up watching and laughing at Degrassi, this show is really there and is both drama and comedy at the expense of puberty. Watch this show on YouTube, it is definitely worth watching.

One show worth seeing is “The Expanse” on Amazon TV. The show is the sci-fi version of the game or launched, set in a dark, realistic future that shows human civilization in the space age of the near future. This show has many factions and groups outside of the solar system and still touches on many of the issues we are dealing with in the present.
The show focuses primarily on the United Nations and shows a very dark version of an overcrowded, class-based earth. This ranges from the perspective of the rich and powerful in Earth government to those living in the poor strata of human society.
The show shows how things like poverty and war will always be a part of our lives, even in space, in stark contrast to “Star Trek.” “Star Trek” sucks in the eyes of many nerds because of its country character. The portal of gray morality maintains a grounded in reality.
The show has big letdowns of space warfare in a much more realistic way than “Star Wars,” but it’s still pretty good. This show, like “Game of Thrones” draws these classic genres of fiction and brings more relativity to the audience. If you like intricate storylines and realistic displays of the future, give it a try.

“Pokémon Generations”
Here I bring you a new take on the Pokémon anime. I highly recommend it to those who grew up with the old games and are fed up with the endless adventures of Ash and Pikachu are the most mature generations of Pokemon.
This anime covers the stories of many generations and is much closer to the lore and history of the games than the main series. It has the many legendary Pokémon and the realistic representations of the world in this team rocket look more like the Taliban than the cartoon villains.
The show has very good illustrations. It captures the feel of the stories and adventures we grew up with far more than the endless spectacle that remains of the feel and threads intertwined in the game’s stories. For anyone who is now an anguished student, give it a try.

“Hazbin and Hella Boss Hotel”
One show on YouTube that I think all nerds and goths would love is the “Hazbin Hotel and Hella Boss” series. This adult cartoon is heavily inspired by classics like “Invader Zim Billy and Mandy,” with a dark fantasy and humor often reminiscent of gothic children’s shows of the early 2000s.
The story takes place in hell and follows the misadventures of demons going about their immortal life filled with sex, drugs and guns. Humor is something that makes “South Park” blush and goes just as deep into satire if not more.
The shows create a world very much like a city of sin filled with all manner of creatures and demons and cartoon characters filled with flaws. It also features characters reading quotes, wanting to make things right in their relationships and undead lives.
The show really hits home with everything from abuse by sex workers to broken families, in hell, of all places. The show portrays a very dark, gloomy, cruel, funny and even sweet world filled with demons who are always trying to find the answers to their flaws.

“Nothing is sacred”
A show from the 1990s that rings true to me as a spiritual person and appeals to me as someone who enjoys shows with a message, I would recommend the cult classic “Nothing is Sacred”. The spectacle is far from hitting you in the face with fire and brimstone or the belief of burning in hell as some interpretations of the bible suggest. Rather, the show is about relationships, community, and the benefits of personal faith and grace in the midst of fundamentalism.
This show was performed by a liberal Catholic priest and is based on the experiences he and other liberal Catholics of the 90s had.

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