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Production Company Drops Lawsuit Against ‘Empire’ ‘Dopesick’ Screenwriter

A Hollywood management and production company has dropped its lawsuit against a screenwriter who the company says owed them commissions despite being fired from the agency in 2021.

Lawyers for The Gotham Group LLC filed court documents Thursday with Santa Monica Superior Court Judge Mark Young seeking the dismissal of the company’s lawsuit against screenwriter Daniel Strong, known for television shows such as ” Empire” and the Hulu series “Dopesick”.

The documents did not indicate whether a settlement has been reached in the case filed September 27, 2021, or whether the plaintiff is not pursuing the case for other reasons. The Gotham Group had asked a court to find that the parties’ contract was still enforceable and that the company was entitled to receive commissions.

According to the lawsuit, The Gotham Group and Strong had a verbal agreement under which the company advised and assisted the producer in his writing and directing career in exchange for a 10% commission of everything Strong was paid for the films. projects he took on, other than for his acting services, once Gotham Group began serving as his literary director.

The Gotham Group has managed Strong’s career as he lands increasingly lucrative production and/or development deals with entertainment companies such as HBO and Disney, the latter of which recently became his most lucrative contract when he received a three-year extension last July, according to the suit.

“For nearly two decades, the parties have enjoyed great success working together,” according to the lawsuit. “Danny’s literary career has steadily reached new heights under the guidance and guidance of Gotham Group, and in return he has honored his obligations and paid Gotham Group the commissions to which he was entitled. Unfortunately, the story wouldn’t have a Hollywood ending.

Shortly after receiving his Disney extension, and despite his success working with the Gotham Group, Strong expressed concerns about his personal finances, said he was unhappy with paying a 10% commission and said the amount should be lower, the suit states.

On September 13, Strong fired Gotham Group “in the mistaken belief that by doing so he would not have to pay Gotham Group its commissions for its new television contract,” the lawsuit said.

Strong’s position that his dismissal from the Gotham Group relieves his future obligation to pay commissions “goes against the standard and widely accepted industry practice that when a client terminates their relationship with their manager , he still owes commissions for monies received on projects concluded or for which substantial negotiations had taken place,” the lawsuit said.