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Rosemary is the true heart and soul of the company

Rosemary is a major factor for Impact Wrestling.

In mentioning the heart and soul of Impact Wrestling, names like Sami Calihan, Eddie Edwards and Madison Rayne were brought up. While these statements are true, there is one wrestler who was literally the blood that pumped through the heart of the business. That wrestler is the enigmatic and charismatic former Knockouts champion, Rosemary.

After all that TNA and Impact Wrestling have been through, Rosemary led the way by entertaining fans in so many creative ways. This gave Impact a unique identity that sets them apart from other wrestling promotions.

What Rosemary really gives to Impact Wrestling.

It was fitting that Rosemary signed with TNA in January 2016 to start the year. She immediately made her presence felt by joining a group known as Decay. Fans had no idea what really awaited them as the enigmatic and dark superstar made his presence felt, but they quickly learned and it changed the trajectory of Impact Wrestling.

During this time, Impact Wrestling began to undergo massive changes and there were doubts about the future. This all came as Broken Matt Hardy finally changed the dynamic with a more cinematic approach, which was more closely associated with Lucha Underground at the time.

Ironically, Rosemary taking part in the Decay vs. Broken Matt Hardy rivalry was very symbolic of the changes taking place in the business. It can also be said that this rivalry prevented Impact Wrestling from completely sinking.

More fans were only interested in the rivalry between Broken Matt Hardy and Decay and it felt unlike any other rivalry seen on TV at the time. The momentum would continue and leave a lasting effect on Impact Wrestling forever.

Over time, Rosemary would become the Knockouts champion, but that’s not the biggest part of her career. What Rosemary has managed to accomplish is greater than her titles won throughout her career.

Rosemary made Impact Wrestling her home and introduced fans to many elements of her own dark, creative and humorous world. This has included the realm of the living dead and the memorable reality segment known as Wrestle House.

The dark superstar has only become more comfortable releasing pieces of his own mind for Impact Wrestling fans to witness. Some of the segments have become integral parts of Impact Wrestling’s lineup, while others will hopefully become an annual segment.

If there’s anyone who has the creativity and innovation to entertain wrestling fans in a new way in the midst of a global pandemic, Rosemary is definitely the one. During the Wrestle House pilot, it became clear that Rosemary had something special planned.

The show itself was so creative and well done with the wrestling aspect that fans tend to overlook. Wrestling should be fun and not so serious about title reigns, dominance and ego. Rosemary had a lot more on her mind to satisfy her insatiable appetite and it was a ride all the way as she pursued John E. Bravo.

After Wrestle House ended, it wasn’t the end of the chaos of lasting effects he left on Impact Wrestling. Fans wondered if this was really the end of Wrestle House since Rosemary only reinforced the role of the undead realm on Impact Wrestling.

Some time passed and Rosemary gave us the best holiday cheer with Wrestle House 2 last year. Unlike the previous Wrestle House which was segments spread over the show, the entire segment was presented in two hours as a special episode.

Rosemary stepped up the drama and showed that when she has a hidden agenda regarding other Impact Wrestling stars, it’s a game-changer. They were forced to live and fight against each other to resolve rivalries and conflicts, and it left fans saying: I love this game!

He truly opened up the world to limitless possibilities and Rosemary leads the way as the musical creator of those worlds. Beyond Wrestle House, it introduces an intriguing element that adds to the already burgeoning Knockouts division.

It brought in everyone from former Knockouts Champion Tasha Steelz to former Knockouts Tag Team Champion The Influence. No one is exempt from learning about the psychological world of Rosemary and it really shows how far she’s come as the main segment that fans look forward to on Impact Wrestling every week.

Ever since Taya Valkyrie returned to Impact Wrestling, she was immediately drawn to Rosemary. They have since won the Knockouts Tag Team Championship belts together and must face all challengers.

It’s not just about defending titles and his second Knockouts tag team title reign is no exception. Rosemary now faces the dilemma that the monstrous Havok is now the mimosa-loving Jessicka.

Once again, the undead realm played a major role and made things more complicated than for any other wrestler. This made the road to Impact Wrestling’s next Emergence event a not-so-easy road for Rosemary.

Nothing is ever easy when it comes to Rosemary, whether it’s a title reign, Wrestle House, or just being a top challenger for any title. One thing is for sure, Rosemary brought Impact Wrestling to life by introducing many aspects of her world and she has never disappointed fans over the years.

It’s hard to imagine Impact Wrestling without Rosemary and it’s the power she literally wields that draws people into her unpredictable world. She continues to be a beloved superstar who brings Impact Wrestling to life every Thursday in fantastic fashion on AXS TV.