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Salt Lake Co. animal shelters are full; the staff begs for help from the community

SALT LAKE COUNTYSalt Lake County Animal Services is appealing to the community to foster, volunteer and adopt as the shelter is full.

After Independence Day and the fireworks, the shelter welcomed about thirty animals.

Tails can only wag for so long, especially when waiting in shelter for their forever homes.

Randee Leuker, rescue and event coordinator for Salt Lake County Animal Services, said it was the most comprehensive animal shelter in several years.

“They all want to go home,” she said.

The 84 dog kennels are more than full, even doubled in some cases.

Currently, there are 110 dogs looking for their forever human.

“There are more than usual. We haven’t been this complete in at least five to eight years,” Leuker said. “We are seeing a lot more animals coming in.”

In addition to the dogs, a chorus of meows is also looking for their forever home.

Currently, 256 cats are up for adoption.

Plus, a lot of guinea pigs: 54 to be exact.

“Adoption rates are slowing down a bit too,” Leuker said.

She said that although some animals are found and brought strays, there has been a recent increase in surrenders, largely due to the economic downturn hitting pet owners’ wallets.

The need to stir pile more and more.

“We are appealing to the community – save, adopt and adopt if you have space,” Leuker said.

Through the end of July, Salt Lake County Animal Services is adopting animals at 50% off.

The shelter also urges people who have lost their pets to check out the shelter in person, as the website may not yet be updated with their missing pet’s photo.

The shelter said it was understaffed and was hiring.