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Samsung The Frame TV: price, features, specs


Samsung’s “The Frame” TV, which can be turned into a work of art with certain settings, is now available in India. Samsung will showcase the high-end 4K UHD TV in select stores and it will be sold across India from the first week of October, ahead of the crucial Diwali season. As part of the launch offers of ‘The Frame’, Samsung is also offering a free Samsung Galaxy S8 + (128 GB version worth Rs 70,000), a free Gap-free wall mount worth Rs 10,000 and a free six-month subscription to Art Store on TV (worth Rs 3000).

Samsung’s Frame TV comes in two sizes: 55in priced at Rs 2,74,900 and the 65in variant will cost Rs 3,99,900 and that’s more than another high end 4K TV on the market. For starters, customers can also get a custom frame for the Samsung TV. Of course, they will have to pay an additional Rs 14,000 or Rs 16,000 depending on the size of the TV.

These exterior frames come in three options which are: walnut, beige wood and white finish. Samsung claims the frames are magnetic and can be clipped onto the existing TV frame. The default frame is gray.

Samsung will also provide regular mount for the frame, although as part of the introductory offerings it is offering a free “gap-less” wall mount with the TV. The space-less wall mount means Frame can be placed on the wall just like a painting or artwork and there is no space like with other TVs. Samsung also has a special Studio mount for the frame, although it will need to be purchased separately. This is similar to how the brackets are designed for actual art canvases.

The highlight of the Samsung Frame TV is the ability to convert it into a work of art, so that it doesn’t look like a black box when not in use. Samsung claims to have collaborated with the best art galleries and created an art store, where users can purchase paintings they wish to display on “The Frame”. The subscription to the digital art store costs around 500 rupees per month, although users can purchase the individual paintings as well.

The highlight of the Samsung Frame TV is the ability to convert it into a work of art.

When selecting the artwork, users can customize the display, the style of the “painting”, etc. These can also be controlled through a mobile app called “The Frame” which is available on iOS and Android. Samsung claims that its own collection contains 100 exclusive works of art for users to choose from. Users can also present their personal photos on the frame.

The Frame is also equipped with motion and light sensors. If the TV does not detect any movement, it will automatically enter standby mode and the artwork will disappear, saving electricity. Once the client returns to the room, the artwork reappears. The light sensors will help the TV to adjust the settings, the brightness according to the outdoor lighting conditions.

Samsung has also opted for what it calls the “invisible” wired aspect with the Frame. There is only one wire for the TV and it connects to a separate box where other ports are placed. The Frame is also a smart TV based on Samsung’s own Tizen operating system with apps like Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, etc. The resolution is 4K UHD.

Samsung presents this as a TV unlike any other given its unique features and design. Of course, the price tag means that not all salons in India can afford this one.


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