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Shawn Michaels says WWE will ‘steal’ anyone they want from another company

Shawn Michaels is definitely one of the finest in-ring performers to ever grace a WWE ring. He was billed as Mr. WrestleMania and he truly lived up to the moniker.

Michaels has always exceeded expectations when it comes to performance in a game. Many say he was so good inside the ring, that HBK could even have a believable match with a broomstick.

While talking to Ariel Helwani during MMA Hour, Shawn Michaels was asked about his focus when it comes to NXT. Michaels clarified that NXT is only focused on talent development and nothing more, that being said, WWE is always ready to steal any idea or person that they believe will benefit them.

“Right now it’s certainly about development, but it’s certainly not about giving up real talent and real ability. You’re crazy if you don’t see people who are very valuable and who you know they can be valuable to WWE even if it happens in NXT and maybe get a feel for life in WWE and then quickly move on I know that sounds cliche and maybe not honest but nothing is really irrelevant. If it’s a good idea, I’ll steal it from anyone.

If there’s a really talented guy out there and we think he can help this company, we’re crazy not to take him. We can still develop people at the same time. All of our young talent is going to benefit from being in the ring with these guys, even if it’s only a handful of times. They’re going to get such an experience out of it. I never want to take it off the table, not bring in guys who can really contribute to Raw or SmackDwn in the future.

This is all about feeding the machine. In the foreground, I’m focusing more on development, on developing the young men and women that we’ve been through here, preparing them for the main roster. In the process, if we’re able to rebuild that brand where we can get back into those arenas and start selling them, that’s a bonus. I can’t say that’s the goal right now. For me, I focus on the development of these young men and women. The more people we have who have experience, the more we can filter through our system, it will only help,

Shawn Michaels is more than happy to be working in NXT right now. We’ll have to wait and see what awaits him next.

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