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Shoaib Akhtar leaves television after argument

Former Pakistani speedster Shoaib Akhtar has left the set of a panel in Pakistan after an argument with the host.

Akhtar left on a post-match broadcast for the T20 World Cup match between New Zealand and Pakistan, titled “Game On Hai”.

Shoaib Akhtar leaves the shooting of “Game on Hai”. (Twitter)

After an argument, host Nauman Niaz read the act of riot to Akhtar.

“You’re a little rude and I don’t mean that, but if you’re too smart you can go. I’m saying it on air.”

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The Rawalpindi Express did not appreciate this.

“Lots of apologies guys, lots of apologies,” Akhtar said before storming off the set. “I am resigning from PTV. Considering the way I was treated on national television, I don’t think I should be sitting here right now.”

Akhtar took to social media to clarify his opinion on the situation.

“I realized there were some superstars sitting with us, and I was worried about my image. I asked Niaz to end the case as the clip may go viral, and I asked an apology, but he didn’t, “Akhtar said.

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“When he didn’t, I had enough and decided to leave because I just wanted to end it. As a national star, I felt bad because strangers were among us, and I didn’t want them to think that’s how a national star is treated by their compatriots. “

Other Test greats David Gower and Viv Richard were also on the panel.

The 46-year-old pace-maker called Niaz “obnoxious (sic) and rude” in a series of tweets after the incident.

Unsurprisingly, the vast majority of opinion online sided with Akhtar, who retweeted a series of messages of support from actors, politicians and other public figures.

Pakistan won the match against New Zealand and remain one of the favorites to win the T20 World Cup.

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