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SNL staff quits Dave Chappelle to host gif

There is turmoil at US broadcaster NBC over the decision to hire comedian Dave Chappelle to host Saturday Night Live this weekend.

Page 6 has been told that some staff writers at the long-running American late-night comedy show are so furious they are sitting on the episode, after it was announced that Chappelle, who courted controversy with jokes transphobes and homophobes, was to host the iconic Display.

“They won’t do the show,” an insider said Page 6. “But none of the actors are boycotting.”

But Chappelle’s rep told the publication that there was no suggestion there had been a boycott when they attended writers’ meetings this week.

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SNL revealed last week Chappelle show star would host the program with musical guest Black Star on November 12. This will be his third time as a host.

He last led the sketch comedy show in 2020, long before Netflix released its 2021 special The closest, which angered some viewers because many of Chappelle’s jokes were aimed at the trans community, including the intentional scorn of a trans friend and fellow comedian.

The announcement that Chappelle will host SNL comes shortly after the show made history when it announced its first non-binary cast member Molly Kearney in September. Kearney hasn’t spoken publicly about Chappelle’s upcoming show, but fans have rallied behind them.

Chappelle was at NBC headquarters in New York on Tuesday to meet with writers and producers and his rep said Page 6“There was no evidence of a boycott.

“The room was full of writers. They all came up with ideas and they seemed very excited about it…Dave is looking to have fun.

After the announcement, SNL Writer Celeste Yim reportedly wrote on Instagram Stories: “I’m trans and non-binary. I use pronouns. Transphobia is murder and it must be condemned.

It’s unclear if they’re one of the writers boycotting this week’s show or if they were actually referencing Chappelle. They did not return a request for comment.

Representatives for SNL and Chappelle also did not return requests for comment.

The actor and comedian has been abuzz since the release of the comedy special The closest.

Controversy over the show last year led to a walkout by Netflix employees, with some openly criticizing their company for airing the special and defending Chappelle.

In response, Chappelle posted a video of himself in which he lists three conditions under which he will encounter trans Netflix employees. One of them was that they had to admit “Hannah Gadsby is not funny”.

Gadsby was born in Tasmania and has been widely praised for her special Nanettewhich streams on Netflix.

She is known for her confessional style routines in which she confronts homophobia and discrimination through her personal experiences. She won an Emmy and a Peabody Award for Nanetteand followed him with Douglaswhich is also on Netflix.

Chappelle has been an actor for three decades and has already won five Emmys and the Mark Twain Award. He’s been cited by many comedians as one of their biggest influences, but in recent years he’s drawn criticism for repeated attacks on the trans community.

This article originally appeared on the New York Post and has been reproduced here with permission