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South-South PDP leader pushing to be Atiku’s chief of staff, says Wike

Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Ezenwo Wike has accused an unnamed South-South Zone Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) leader of lobbying to become the chief of staff of the party’s presidential candidate, Atiku Abubakar , if the latter wins the presidential election of 2023.

It was even then that the governor declared that Rivers State was entitled to a reward from the PDP, just like Adamawa, Benue and Delta states, stressing that if no reward arrives, the party will not should not expect votes from the people of the state.

Wike spoke on Wednesday at the launch of internal road construction in the Igwurita community of Ikwerre local government area of ​​the state, which was carried out by the Governor of Abia State, Dr Okezie Ikpeazu.

The governor has sworn that no amount of money or threat to his life will cause him to betray his people, adding that he will stand by them no matter what action he takes.

Wike said, “Two days ago, I was watching TV, a person who said he was one of the leaders of the South-South was opening his mouth to Kano saying all kinds of things. I just shook my head. I said ‘God, if that’s the kind of father I’m going to have, let me not have a father’.

“You know there are people you’ll see, you’ll wonder if they’re fathers of children. What do they say to their children? People who like to eat their own share, eat their children’s share , eat their grandchildren’s share.

“When someone at the age of eighty is lobbying to be Chief of Staff, what will his own children lobby for? I said the time will come when Nigerians will know these types of characters. Characters who will like to say all sorts of things because of power, characters who will be agents to destroy their own people.

“They don’t care even if their people are destroyed. Let them have something. May God forgive them. They should take a day to fast and pray for their forgiveness as they are almost doomed.

“There is no amount of money, no threat can make me sell my people, it will make me betray my people, speak in many tongues. What I said today is what I will say tomorrow. What I will say tomorrow is what I will say next tomorrow.

Wike swore that the votes of Rivers State residents in the 2023 general election would never go to those who refused to recognize the state in Opportunity Sharing.

The governor added, “No one should come and deceive you. No amount of social media warfare can solve a problem. Anyone who wants our votes has to tell us what’s in it for us. Our votes are no longer for the dash. Our votes are for you to tell us what you will do for us.

“So if you gave Adamawa, you gave Benue, you gave Delta, why can’t you give Rivers?” Won’t you give Rivers? You take, this one takes, this one takes; and Rivers? Just to come and collect the votes, far, far, far, filthy!

“You know that the God of confusion will put confusion on them. They think they are doing Rivers State, but they are doing it themselves. They will see the confusion by the end until they step back and realize there is no road there.