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The 10 best TV shows of 2021 (so far)


2021 is almost half over, which means it’s a good time to look back on the major pop cultural hits of the year so far. On the music side, Olivia Rodrigo has become a star and Lorde has made a comeback. For films, cinema is starting to come back with A Quiet Place, Part II and In the heights dazzling audience.

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But for television, 2021 continues the steady stream of high-quality programming. There are still so many long-awaited releases to come (Ms. Marvel, the anthology series FX by BJ Novak, the final season of Brooklyn nine-nine), but the year has already been strong despite everything.

ten Hemingway

Ernest Hemingway's words form his face

Every time Ken Burns and Lynn Novick re-launch for a documentary series with PBS, there’s a strong guarantor of quality. This was certainly true of April’s three-part docuseries on the life of Ernest Hemingway.

Hemingway was not just a standard PBS document, however. He also called on the vocal talents of Jeff Daniels and Meryl Streep as Hemingway and Martha Gellhorn, respectively. The result was a gripping story of one of the most iconic American writers to ever live.

9 Mythic Quest

Regularly, Apple TV + has amassed a high-quality library of original stories. Among these are Charlie Day, Megan Ganz and Rob McElhenney Mythic Quest, workplace comedy taking place in the offices of a video game studio.

Although he maintained his humorous sitcom streak, Mythic Quest also delivered two “special” episodes this year. The post-pandemic “Everlight” and the CW flashback, “Backstory! », Have contributed to Mythic Quest one of the most successful comedies of the year.

8 Blue

In some areas, season 2 of Blue arrived at the end of 2020, but for most of the countries with access to Disney Plus, it’s a 2021 release. And that second arc of shows has fully cemented itself. Blue as one of the great children’s series of all time.

Lessons are given to two children and adults through the Heeler family. In season two, however, it was about more than lessons learned and laughs. Episodes like “Daddy Dropoff” and “Sleepytime” testify to the purpose of love and play.

7 The Underground Railroad

Barry Jenkins’ massively anticipated Amazon miniseries, The Underground Railroad, delivered on all the promise and anticipation. Adapted from the award-winning novel by Colson Whitehead, Railway blend of sumptuous visuals with tragically timely thematic territory.

The sprawling epic retraced the story of Cora Randall (and, by extension, breakout star Thuso Mbedu). Some moments might have been difficult to watch, but it was still a captivating series.

6 Master of None

Lena Waithe as Denise and Naomi Ackie as Alicia in Master of None Season 3 on Netflix

Season 3 of Master of None was both a delightful surprise from Netflix and a major departure from the show’s original format. This arc focused on Lena Waithe’s Denise and his new wife, Naomi Ackie’s Alicia, rather than Aziz Ansari’s Dev.

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The result was a beautiful testimony of love, sorrow and perseverance. The authenticity of the first episodes of Season 3 leads to a fourth tour de force episode that could also feature the year’s best on-screen performance so far.

5 Easttown mare

Mare Of Easttown: What Kate Winslet's Final Blow Means

An HBO miniseries still holds great promise and Easttown mare succeeded in both the lived drama of a well-done series and the whodunnit aspect of a small town murder mystery.

But the central question and the tension of the series has never been more important than how the characters went through the unthinkable. Additionally, with Kate Winslet at the helm, Easttown mare has become a showcase like few others have been in HBO history.

4 Girls5eva

The Girls5eva cast stands together.

Sometimes all a show needs is to be funny. Some of the best comedies in recent memory have stretched out to be thrilling and thought-provoking. Peacock Girls5eva, on the other hand, was perfectly content to be as hilarious as possible.

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Created by Meredith Scardino, Girls5eva follows a group of successful girls vying for a comeback two decades after their initial success. At the head of the cast are Sara Bareilles and Renée Elise Goldsberry, who are hysterical in every setting.

3 WandaVision

So far, the best Marvel series (and miniseries, for that matter) of 2021 is WandaVision. Of course, the only competition is The Falcon and the Winter Soldier and the first days of Loki, but if 2021 is Marvel’s first true foray into television, then WandaVision is a dazzling display of everything the studio is capable of in the midrange.

Both a pastiche lover of yesteryear sitcoms and a heart-wrenching battle for love and identity within the characters of Wanda Maximoff and Vision, the Disney Plus series has reminded viewers why they love TV and what the format can do. to reach. Not since Lost and Wilfred was a puzzle box show so fun to follow every week.

2 Dickinson

Finn Jones and Hailee Steinfeld on Dickinson

Back in the Apple TV + field, Dickinson certainly raised his potential in his second season. The first arc was a moving and anachronistic homage to the great solitary poet Amherst, but the second enchantingly pushed the boundaries.

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From Sue singing Emily Dickinson’s famous poem “Split the lark” to Hailee Steinfeld wrestling with new addition Finn Jones to Nick Kroll’s appearance as Edgar Allan Poe, Dickinson has continued to prove itself as a spectacle without comparison. Creator Alena Smith is already working hard on the third season and fans can’t wait.

1 For all mankind

Gordo in For All Mankind Season 2

Over the years, it has been difficult to bring a compelling space story to the small screen. Quietly in 2019, however, creators Ronald D. Moore, Matt Wolpert, and Ben Nedivi proved it was possible when For all mankind turned into a show with a thrilling first season.

In the second arc of the 2021 show, For all mankind focused more on female characters and heightened the tension of alternate history between the United States and the Soviet Union. This resulted in pure dramatic TV bliss, as the April season 2 ending of “And Here’s to You,” “Triage” and “The Gray” are among the most exciting televisions since Jon Snow fought. with Ramsay Bolton. So far, the crown of television rests on For all mankind in 2021.

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