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Three successful TV shows away from the screen

Some TV shows just can’t be limited to the hours of content fans can watch on screen. They become cult classics, that is to say, they enter the stratosphere, fans of the series wanting to get closer to the stories and the characters. However, which shows have been among the most successful when successful off-screen?

Peaky Blinders

When Peaky Blinders launched on BBC 2 in 2013, very few people could have predicted how popular it would become. Based on a Birmingham-based gang and the rise to power of Cillian Murphy’s Tommy Shelby, fans around the world have turned to the world to see how the Peaky Blinders can continue to dominate.

There is a A list of stars who played their part in the success of the series, including Helen McCrory, Adrien Brody, Tom Hardy and Sam Neill. The sixth and final series is slated for release in 2022, with a film already in the works to complement the Peaky Blinder story. However, he enjoyed success well outside of the show. The Peaky Blinder tours around Birmingham were introduced after the first season, as a growing number of tourists head to England’s second city to explore.

The Black Country Museum became home to die-hard Peaky Blinder fans, with themed nights throughout the year, while the success also led to the very first Peaky Blinders Festival, and also the superstar. David Beckham creates fashion brand based on gang style on the BBC’s hit show. The drama also received its own play, which was greeted by fans craving a Peaky Blinders title. The show’s success only promises to continue after the last scene is shot, and that’s thanks to the cast and screenwriter Steven Knight.

Game Of Thrones

Widely regarded as one of the best long-running dramas of all time, Game of Thrones has inspired audiences around the world. The show was a instant hit on HBO, as the drama starring Sophie Turner, Kit Harrington and Emilia Clark drew record numbers on the streaming platform. While many were disappointed with the show’s conclusion, it still won nearly 60 Primetime Emmy Awards and is beloved by fans around the world.

The show has enjoyed success in a number of different areas since its release, including at online casino, where there is a Game of Thrones slot game available for fans of the series. It also had a huge impact on traveling fans, due to the number of locations used for filming.

Thousands of fans are heading to the city of Dubrovnik in Croatia be photographed where the majority of the scenes were filmed for the show, while countries like Morocco, Iceland and Malta also offer personalized Game of Thrones tours for fans who want to learn more about where the drama is has been turned. Game of Thrones was also used as inspiration from world superstar Taylor Swift for her album ‘Reputation’.

Money theft

Few TV shows have achieved as much global success as Money Heist. The last part of the final series will air towards the end of 2021 and is expected to be watched by record-breaking viewers. Starring Ursula Corbero, Alvaro Morte, and Pedro Alonso, the series follows characters, who have been assigned city names to protect their identities, as they perform very complex heists. Its success reached new heights in 2017 when it was picked up by Netflix, which opened it up to a global audience.

Her off-screen success was highlighted in the summer of 2018, as “Bella Ciao”, which was sung throughout the show, peaked in the charts in European countries. However, it was the characteristic look of the characters with the Dali masks and orange jumpsuits that struck fans the most. It meant movements around the world and was commonly seen when protests were taking place.

The costumes were commonly seen at protests, which included against sexist and homophobic leaders in Puerto Rico, while fans usually wore costumes from football matches in Greece. There were also copycat criminals who tried to get noticed by committing crimes in countries like France, India and Brazil. For a show that seemed to have reached the end of the channel before being picked up by Netflix, it reached a whole new audience and soared in popularity to become one of the most watched international dramas on the platform across. the world.

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