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Top 5 new BCTV TV shows in 2021


Welcome to Bleeding Cool TV’s Top 5 New TV Shows for 2021, with this year being the first year for the category. And if there was a year where a spin-off category was needed, it would be great this year. At a time when it feels like three more streaming services have opened their doors and nine more series have been created in the time it took you to read this, the task of selecting five new shows was as difficult as ever. Gone are the days of “The Big Three” and “Big Cable”. Today the concept of “television” has been wide open. Think of it this way. In the 1980s, unless you had a VCR, you had to be home and watching TV for your favorite “date TV” show. Now look at your phone. You hold in your hand the key to vast libraries of diverse content from the landscape and timeline of television – a truly impressive thought. So BCTV’s writing team submitted their picks for the best of the best new shows from last year and included some personal thoughts from the writers who covered each of the selections, explaining why they deserved to rise above. others. And with that in mind, we bring you these five picks (in non-spoiler order): Netflix’s Esoteric, Disney + WandaVision, The CW Superman and Lois, Disney + Hawk Eye, and SYFY & USA Network Chucky.

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Now, without further ado, here’s a look at the 5 new BCTV TV shows in 2021 (and be sure to check out the 10 best BCTV TV shows in 2021, released earlier today):

(5) Netflix’s “Arcane”: “A Steampunk fantasy based on the world’s largest video game and esports event League of Legends, ‘Arcane’ is truly best experienced by those unfamiliar with the game. It picks up the usual tropes of the fantasy genre with the class warfare and power fantasies and invests it with emotional depth. The heart of the story is a girl driven mad by loss whose every action causes a butterfly effect of repercussions for every character and the entire world. also has the most complex and tragic villain in years. “- Adi T.

(4) “Chucky” from SYFY & USA Network: “Here is the only thing you need to know about the quality of the creator of SYFY, USA Network & ‘Child’s Play’ Don Mancini‘s’ Chucky’ was. I’ve been terrified of this damn doll since childhood, and I always find myself running up the stairs at night because he picks me up. I just know it. And yet, I was still there, every Tuesday, to watch one of the craziest, most inclusive, funniest shows of this year. “- Jeremy K.

(3) Disney + “WandaVision”: “As a longtime DC fan, ‘WandaVision’ was a pleasant surprise for someone who had zero expectations. Paying homage to years of TV sitcoms, each episode was set in a fusion of the most popular show of each decade. Wanda (Elizabeth olsen) apparently faced his grief at having lost his vision (Paul bettany) during the events of Avengers: Endgame by magically recreating a reality more comfortable for itself. In an exciting new take on storytelling that harnessed the nostalgia of older fans while keeping younger fans looking for clues. The kicker for me was at the start of the show’s promotion when Bettany teased a cameo that started a long series of social media pretenses that made all viewers wonder if he, or not. -It’s not, when will -Mephisto- appear and be revealed to be behind Wanda’s troubles in Westview. This paid off with the appearance of White Vision, which resulted in an ethical standoff between the two androids. That was all before we came to the biggest reveal that curious neighbor Agatha really was the jealous witch Agatha Harkness (Catherine hahn), informing viewers with a wink that he really is has been Agatha throughout, cementing television show and pop culture history. ”- Jimmy L.

(2) The CW’s “Superman & Lois”: “It’s a CW DC show, but ‘Superman & Lois’ couldn’t be further from the other typical DC shows on the network. Superman and Lois are back in Smallville with their twin sons and there’s heart, drama and a good story with just the right amount of cheese. Plus, it’s a CW show that means everyone’s handsome… but that doesn’t stop the fun of this kid in love with ‘Riverdale’ and ‘Smallville’. A real ten out of ten. Check out this show, it’s great. ” – Eden A.

(1) Disney + “Hawkeye”: “While my first thoughts on ‘Hawkeye’ when first seen were of a snapshot Tim allen A Disney movie, the series pulled off a Christmas miracle as one of the funniest rides of the holiday season. And much of the show’s success was down to the chemistry and connection between the stars of Jeremy Renner and Hailee Steinfeld. From dynamic casting choices to balanced storytelling, the series thrives because every actor, regardless of their role, has been allowed to explore their full potential for the overall benefit of the series. “- Tom C.

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