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TV shows that haven’t aged well

A special reunion for “Friends” is now airing on HBO Max, but the show has been criticized for being problematic.

The cast of “Friends”.

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While “Friends” ended in 2004, the sitcom has remained one of the most watched shows in the United States. As a younger audience sees the series for the first time, some highlight its problematic plots.

Throughout the series, critics pointed out, there are homophobic storylines, including the episode where Chandler is obsessed with why people think he is gay. Her father, a drag queen, is often a punchline. In another episode, Ross struggles with his son, Ben, wanting to play with a doll.

The show has also been criticized for its lack of diversity and for only showing attractive whites.

Kelsey Miller wrote for Vox in 2019: “It would have been a significant change for Friends to start incorporating more people of color into her guest roles and even her extras. […] If only series had the power to break down that barrier, it was Friends. Instead, it took nine years for a black woman (with a full name! And a real bow!) To appear on the show, when Aisha Tyler took on the role of Charlie Wheeler. “

The problems don’t end there: Monica is often teased for being overweight when she was younger, which we see in flashback episodes. With today’s positive body movement underway, this story can leave a lot of uncomfortable.

“Fat Monica and gay Chandler jokes just don’t seem out of place now,” said Twitter user Christine Carr. wrote about the show. “Has Joey always been this scary?” Disappointing. “