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What better way to enjoy the beautiful warm weather than heading to the same location where your beloved TV show was filmed? Not all scenes in TV shows are filmed in a studio with a live audience like Wanda vision (2021) or in front of a green screen where the editors add a digital background.

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Depending on the nature of the television series, whether it is a comedy series or a drama, some are shot in a location that is presented as a completely different location than the series. Still, there are some shows that are filmed on location and can be visited by tourists when the show is not filmed.

‘Chicago Fire’ (2012 – ), ‘Chicago PD’ (2014 – ) & ‘Chicago Med’ (2015 -) – Chicago, Illinois

NBC chicago fire (2012 -), Chicago PD (2014 – ), and Chicago Mediterranean (2015 – ) highlight how relationships can triumph over the harsh daily realities these characters deal with, whether they’re putting out fires, solving crimes, or caring for patients. As their names suggest, all three shows are filmed in Chicago. Even though the locations used in the shows are renowned, those actual locations that were used in the show can be seen in the city even if the building owners do not allow viewing.

Exterior shots of the fire station on chicago fire are real Chicago Fire Department Engine 18 and exterior shots of the police station of Chicago PD are from UIC Police Headquarters at 943 W. Maxwell St, according to Choose Chicago. Gaffney Medical Center pictures on Chicago Mediterranean are actually shots of Rush University Medical Center. chicago fire, Chicago PDand Chicago Mediterranean are available on Peacock and NBC.


‘The Walking Dead’ (2010 – 2022) – Senoia, Georgia

The Walking Dead (2010 – 2022) followed multiple characters as they hunted and fought to survive endless zombie or “Walker” attacks. The figures traveled continuously, whether on horseback, on foot, or by boat to a new location in hopes of gathering food and other materials before beginning to walk again. They developed independent communities and defended them from aggressors.

In the third season, one of the first organized communities the characters encountered was led by the Governor. This city, protected by a boundary wall, was located in Woodbury, Georgia. The actual location where The walking Dead season three was filmed on Main Street in Senoia, Georgia. The Walking Dead is available on AMC and on Netflix.

‘Yellowstone’ (2018 – ) – Darby, Montana

The neo-western Yellowstone (2018 – ) played Kevin Costner like Jon Dutton, proud owner of Montana’s largest family ranch. Her family members were all in positions of power and were careful to protect their family’s property. They often fought real estate developers, politicians, and the Indiana Reservation who all wanted a piece of Dutton land. Season 5 of Yellowstone will premiere in 2022 on Paramount.

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The fictional Duffon Ranch surrounded by breathtaking Montana scenery is actually filmed on the historic Chief Joseph Ranch in Darby, Montana. When the TV show is not filming its new season, guests can stay a few nights at the ranch. Filming locations that have been filmed at the ranch include Rip’s Cabin, Trapper’s Cabin, Armory, Barns, and more.

‘The Air Hostess’ (2020 – ) – Queens, New York

Cassie Bowden (Kaley Cuoco) life revolved around work. As a flight attendant, she traveled all over the world, but one night she woke up with no memory of what had happened the night before. This proved problematic since the man in her hotel room died and she might have been the last person to see him alive.

The stewardess took place in New York where Cassie boards her flight to Bangkok. The actual airport that was used in The stewardess was the actual JFK airport in Queens, NY without closing it for filming, according to Bustle. Some sets used for the scenes in Bangkok used the Picnic Hotel in the Rangnam district, while others were only created for the TV show.

‘Vikings’ (2013 – 2020) and ‘Vikings: Valhalla’ (2022- ) – County Wicklow, Ireland

vikings (2013 – 2020) centered on Ragnar Lothbrok (Travis Fimmel) and his Viking clan as they battled those who stood in their way as they conquered neighboring lands. Vikings: Walhalla (2022- ) is the sequel to the History Channel television series Vikings. In Vikings: Walhallaattention fell on Leif Eriksson (Sam Corlett), Freydis Eriksdotter (Frida Gustavson), and Harald Sigurdsoon (Leo Suter) as they strove to protect the Kattegat and defeat England.

Both TV shows filmed their scenes in Ireland and in both shows the town of Kattegat played a vital role. In Vikings, Ragnar controlled the village. In Vikings: Walhalla, Kattegat was under Jarl Estrid Haakon (Caroline Henderson) control. The real Kattegat is not a city, but the region between Sweden, Denmark and Norway. The port was built for the vikings series and sat on Lough Tay in County Wicklow, Ireland, while the Norwegian landscape settings were later added. vikings is available on Hulu, and Vikings: Walhalla is available on Netflix.

‘Bridgerton’ (2020 – ) – England

The Netflix Original Bridgerton (2020-) included heartfelt romances that fans everywhere couldn’t get enough of. The television series was set in England during the Regency era, when members of the Bridgerton family were looking for the perfect partner to marry. Each season focused on different characters as they navigated their romantic relationships.

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The settings used in the television series set in the 1800s were to match those that would typically be seen in that era; most of the filming took place in Bath. The first two seasons which showed the Bridgerton family mansion were filmed at Ranger’s House in Greenwich, England. Queen Charlotte’s home in the TV series was filmed at Hampton Court Palace, which belonged to King Henry VIII. Bridgerton is streaming on Netflix.

‘Downton Abbey’ (2010 – 2015) & ‘Downton Abbey: A New Era’ (2022) – Hampshire, England

Downton Abbey (2010 – 2015) focused on the aristocratic Crawley family as they dealt with romances and tensions in the early 20th century. Downton Abbey fans had a chance to rejoice when the period drama released its film, Downton Abbey: A New Era in 2022, a sequel to the series. While the series started with the family preparing for the next visit from the royal family, the 2022 film focused on a family mystery.

The period drama Downton Abbey based its plots on authentic events in history. Similarly, the TV series and film used real locations such as the Victorian castle that is home to the Crawley family in the TV series, is the real Highclere Castle in Hampshire, England, which was owned by the Earl and Countess of Carnarvon. Visitors have the option of touring Highclere Castle and renting the castle for special events. Downton Abbey is available on Peacock and Downton Abbey: A New Era is currently in theaters.

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