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University of Dundee staff will fight pensions ‘as long as it takes’

University staff have pledged to take industrial action “as long as it takes” in a row over pensions.

The dispute at the University of Dundee, which sees staff resisting a transfer to a new program, has now lasted more than 560 days.

Unions say the new pensions, which will start in January, will see workers lose up to £5,750 a year after retirement.

Relevant personnel include technicians and occupations based in areas such as plumbers.

Jennifer Cameron, student services worker, said: ‘I will be here as long as it takes. Management says they drew a line, but here we are on the picket line.

“They can ignore us, we’re not going to sneak back to our office. We’re here. We’re open to negotiation, we’re open to discussion, they just need to come out and talk.

Workers, union representatives and politicians gathered outside Dundee for a rally on Thursday. A series of protests have taken place in recent weeks by members of the Unite and Unison unions.

They said there was no end in sight to the industrial action and urged the university management to table a new offer.

Stuart Fairweather, chairman of the Dundee Trades Union Council, said: ‘This is certainly one of the biggest and longest disputes in Dundee in recent years.

“It looks set to continue unless management comes back to the strikers with a reasonable offer that contemplates an improved pension.”

University administrator Anne Anderson, who has worked in Dundee for almost 40 years, said she fears for her colleagues, although she will not be affected by the changes.

She said: “Those who come after me or those who retire in a year or two, whatever the time, will receive a little less than what I receive.

“I have to work part-time to supplement what the pension plan already pays me. One of the university’s strategies has always been staff welfare – it’s not about looking after staff welfare.

The University of Dundee said its governing body made the final decision last month to implement the changes.

A university spokesperson said: ‘We have strived throughout to provide accessible, flexible and sustainable pensions for all and have made significant changes to the initial proposals in response to staff and union consultation. from campus.

“A final decision to implement the changes has been made by the University Tribunal and we will move forward based on that.”