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Wendy Williams is done with television; Set to start podcast [Video]

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Source: The Wendy Williams Show / Youtube

The Wendy Williams Show chapter is officially closed. Wendy now has her sights set on the podcast game.

According TMZ the media mogul finally spoke up and it looks like she’ll be back like she never left. During a recent interview with the celebrity gossip website, the self-proclaimed queen of all media made it clear that she is keeping the same energy going in her new project. “When you’re famous, podcasts will make me more money being famous than doing The Wendy Williams Showshe revealed. She also confirmed that she’s done hosting a daily TV show saying, “I’m 100% retired.”

While her next move update was embraced by her fans, she also shared her ongoing struggles with lymphedema. She admitted that at this point she could only feel about five percent of her feet. Wendy then showed how swollen her paws were and the visual put the seriousness of her condition into perspective.

Although she announced that she has celebrity guests in mind for the podcast, very little is known about when it will launch, where it will be headed, who she will be partnering with, and how frequently it will air. Nevertheless ancient Wendy Williams show Talent DJ OMINAYA is convinced that she will fly wherever she goes. “Although it was a bittersweet end to her daytime run, I’m just happy to be a part of history and I’m very excited for Wendy Williams to begin her new journey on her new podcast. I know she Go kill him! I mean she’s not the queen of all media for nothing! he said.

You can see his interview below.

Photo: The Wendy Williams Show