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Why Origin Stories Are Better Than TV Shows

For years, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has introduced new characters through movies. Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, and Thor were the first three Avengers to be introduced, each with their own solo origin story. But, Disney+ changed the game and allowed new characters to be introduced outside of the movies. TV shows creating origin stories have provided alternative, organic ways to introduce new characters, stories, and lore into the MCU without struggling to fit so much new information into a two-hour movie. Ms. Marvel and moon knight succeeded in uncharted MCU territory, bringing new characters and lore to the overall universe, even though they are two drastically different stories.


Hawk Eye may not have been an origin story for Clint Barton, but it was for Kate Bishop, who uses most of the series to show how well she fits into the whole universe. Marvel cinematic. Falcon and the Winter Soldier works as an origin story for Sam Wilson as he grows to accept the responsibility that comes with stepping into the role of Captain America. By giving multiple episodes to do so, audiences better understand the conflict Sam goes through before committing. While many Marvel movies have created an origin story wonderfully, Disney+ has shown the potential for what it can look like if spread across multiple episodes.

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More time spent with the characters

When you want to understand a character’s origin story, spending more time with them can lead to a better understanding of their personality, motivation, and relationships. moon knight uses all of its episodes to portray the complexities of Marc Spector and Steven Grant. Marc and Steven are distinct individuals in their personalities. By the time moon knight reveals that Steven Grant was born thanks to Marc Spector’s dissociative identity disorder, audiences have already figured out the similarities and differences between Marc and Steven.

Kamala Khan’s character arc develops further because Ms. Marvel has several episodes to explore his personality, his friendship with Bruno, and his relationship with his family while exploring his newfound powers. Ms. Marvel shows Kamala as a person in addition to understanding how she becomes a hero. Understanding Kamala as a person before she was involved in other MCU projects gives her an opening to grow while letting the audience know what she is capable of and what she went through to get there.

Better understanding of the backstory

Every superhero has a story of how they got into the work of saving the world. If Kate Bishop had appeared in a film with less time, the film might not have been able to devote so much time to understanding where she came from, how she became a great archer and what led her to meet Clint Barton. However, Hawk Eyebeing a multi-episode series, creates the chance for Kate to grow as a fighter, character, and friend to Clint.

As Sam Wilson continues the legacy of Captain Americasomething similar could be said for him. Falcon and the Winter Soldier gives an in-depth look at Sam’s struggle to accept Steve’s gift of the shield and wonders if he should be the next Captain America. Spending more time on it gives the character a more fleshed-out arc and gives the audience more time to understand her emotional journey.

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Character development opportunity

Although Doctor Stranger in the Multiverse of Madness addresses the aftermath of Wanda’s takeover of Westview in Wanda Vision, the series gives a much better look at Wanda’s emotional journey. Wanda is emotionally drained following the loss of Vision to Thanos. After losing so much and not even being able to say goodbye to Vision, Wanda snaps, taking over the town of Westview to create an alternate reality where she and Vision live happily and eventually have children. However, in the conclusion, Wanda must let go of her fantasy and allow the residents to resume their lives. Yet she learns more about the power she possesses and what she is truly capable of.

Loki develops the main character without going through the events leading up to his redemption arc. Loki had grown a lot over the movies, but by taking a version of the character who has appeared fewer times in the MCU, the show has the opportunity to expand Loki instead. While working with TVA, Loki learns secrets about the universe and the importance of the sacred timeline and evolves into a new version of himself.

More likely to understand the new tradition

Could a movie have produced the same mystery and plot Loki creates when it comes to VAT and sacred chronology? Would a movie have had enough time to develop all the new lore and details of Marc and Steven’s experiences in Moon Knight? A movie about Ms. Marvel explaining everything that was going on with her in less time? Maybe. However, TV shows provide more opportunities to explain things and expand on them, giving audiences more of a chance to grasp what’s going on without worrying if they’re too far behind the plot.